Class Description Stained Glass Sun Catchers

In this class, Chelsea Brewer of Brewer & Marr Glassworks will guide you through the basics of the copper foil method in order to create a beautiful stained glass sun catcher! Each student will select a pattern and custom color combination for their piece. Chelsea will show how to wrap each glass piece with foil, solder them together, then add a black, copper, or silver patina to create a custom finish to the glass edges. After giving it a wax polish, each stained glass piece will be finished by adding a hoop and a leather lace strip! Students will leave with their very own stained glass sun catcher to hang, as well as a new appreciation for the stained glass craft! (Fun fact: If night lights are your jam, Chelsea can show you how to turn your piece into a night light too!)

Supplies Needed: None. All patterns, glass, and other supplies and equipment are provided. Each piece will measure around 4″ X 4″.

PLEASE NOTE:  Be prepared to get your hands dirty!  Working with stained glass is a lot of fun, risky at times, but a perfectly safe craft to practice when proper safety measures are followed.  We will be handling sharp objects, HOT irons to liquify solder containing different alloy metals (including small amounts of lead), as well as various chemicals.  Splatter and spills happen!  For your protection aprons, oven mitts, latex gloves, goggles, respirators, & first aid kit – in case of emergency – will be provided.  Due to the nature of the craft, expecting mothers are advised to participate at their own risk.