Class Description Sketching Portraits Colored

In this class, fine artist Becca Schillinger will show you how to sketch colorful, vibrant portraits using colored pencils and your favorite photo images! Your subject can be a person or a pet – either will work! Becca’s step-by-step method will introduce you to photo transfer and sketching techniques that are fun, accessible, and require NO previous fine art experience. First, you will learn how to use tracing and transfer paper to transfer your image on to sketching paper. Next, you will learn how to use shading to add depth to your sketch. Becca will walk you through sketching facial features and offer tips for nailing the eyes, jawbone, and other trickier details. You’ll learn techniques for adding different colors to your portrait, as well as tips for final finishing touches. And if your portrait is not complete before the end of class, Becca will guide you on how to finish the portrait at home. Portraits will range in size based on your reference photo, and will be no bigger than 9″ x 11″. Each student will leave with one colored pencil portrait, a short stack of sketching paper, and a set of colored pencils to take home!

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST bring a printed photo of your person or pet as your reference! Images must be clearly in focus, and have a good amount of contrast between light and dark areas. If you are unsure if your photo will work, please email us. Bringing in multiple images and options is highly recommended. Please make sure the image is not bigger than your 9x11in paper!

Supplies Needed: Each student needs to bring in at least one reference photo (see above). All other supplies are included. As part of this class, you will receive one set of Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils and sketching paper to take home.