Class Description Simple Ceramics Vase

In this beginner-friendly class from our Simple Ceramics series, ceramics designer Bri Santo will walk you through the steps to transform a slab of clay into a beautiful, decorative, and fully functional cylinder vase! Bri will focus on using basic pottery tools and specific handbuilding techniques as she guides you through cutting out your base and cylinder walls and assembling its final form. Next, Bri will demonstrate some of her favorite carving tips and techniques for creating different textures and fun effects on the clay surface. You’ll have a chance to play around with these different techniques before applying them to your own piece. Lastly, you’ll choose your favorite color glaze to be added before firing. After class, your clay masterpieces will be glazed, fired, finished, and ready for pick up at a later date. This is a perfect class to get your feet wet with ceramics before you dive into a full-blown ceramics course that involves applying multiple glazes and operating a kiln.

Supplies Needed: None. As part of class, each student will receive enough clay to create a cylinder vase measuring approximately 6″ in height and 3.5″ in diameter. Also, make sure to wear something that you don’t mind getting a little messy in. We will have aprons to protect your clothing.