Class Description Chill Sketching

In this class, fine artist Becca Schillinger will help you put your pencil to paper and develop your own chill sketching practice. You will learn a variety of mark-making and rendering techniques, focusing on drawing methods that are fun, easy, accessible, and require NO previous fine art experience. First, Becca will discuss how to sketch what you see in real life, offering instruction on line-contour drawing, perspective and shading, rendering specific shapes, and more. She will share with you her favorite sketching tools, as well as proper drawing positions. After practicing basic sketching techniques, you’ll have the opportunity to use them by sketching a still life tableau. Featuring an inspired set of objects and dramatic lighting to facilitate some dynamic results, this still life session will give you the opportunity to freely sketch what you see, while Becca offers individual advice on improving and expanding your technique! You will leave class with the knowledge, tools, and the creative spark to continue developing your sketching practice at home and beyond!

Supplies Needed: None. As part of this class, you will receive a sketchbook with 100 sheets of medium weight sketch paper and one mechanical art pencil to take home.