Class Description Calligraphy

In this class, calligrapher Michelle Chu will show you the core foundation of calligraphy, titled Foundational Hand.  Foundational Hand is a terrific script for beginners and is the basis for many other scripts using this type of nib (called broad-edge), such as Italic, Gothic, Uncial, and more. Each letter is based on the circular “o” shape and offers a nice balance between thicker and thinner strokes.  You will learn by practicing the strokes that are commonly used to form each letter of the script.  And you will get very good at writing variations of the letter “o” across all twenty-six of your letters! Once you have your technique down, you’ll finish the class by creating a formal, frameable quote on card stock to take home.  Each student will also receive a pen holder, nib, jar of ink, and different types of paper, as well as a short guide of each stroke, so they can keep their calligraphy practice going!

Supplies Needed: None.  All supplies are included. We encourage you to bring a favorite quote you would like to write for your formal finished piece!