Class Description Block Printing

Block printing is one of the oldest forms of printmaking. It offers a simple method for creating your own graphics and patterns, and thankfully only requires a handful of tools and supplies to produce your own prints. In our introduction to block printing class, you will take your own graphic or pattern design, then learn to transfer it to a Speedy Carve block to produce a linocut stamp. Next, you will practice printing with water soluble ink and your new stamp as you print your image on a variety of surfaces, including nice cardstock, a Moleskine journal, and even a cotton tote bag! Each student will make one medium stamp and several prints in class to take home.

Supplies Needed: Please come to class with a design for your stamp already drawn or printed out. Make sure your image is no bigger than 4″x6″. As part of this class, you will receive one block for your stamp, as well as one Moleskine Cahier Cardboard Journal, one cotton tote, several sheets of nice, heavy card stock and practice paper for your prints. Also, students are encouraged to wear clothes they can get grungy since we’ll be working with block print ink.