Class Description Bleach Tie-Dye

Bleach-dye and tie-dye prints are everywhere these days! And we’re big fans! So we’re excited to show you how to use these dyeing techniques to make colorful, new apparel pieces AND re-vamp some of your tired (or retired) closet clothes in Intro to Bleach Dyeing and Tie-Dyeing: T-Shirts, Apparel, and More! You’ll learn four of the most popular tie-dye pattern techniques, including the spiral, bullseye, heart, and crumple methods. For your colorful tie-dye prints, you’ll learn how to prep your color dye and apparel pieces, as well as how to make your dye colors appear brighter or faded. For your bleach dye prints, we’ll show you best methods to apply bleach to your fabric, and how to control the intensity of that bleachy color fade. The class will wrap with instructions on post dye washing and apparel care, as well as info on where to get additional dye supplies for future projects. This class can get a little messy, so wearing aprons and/or old clothes is highly recommended!

Supplies Needed: None. As part of class, you will receive two cotton t-shirts, and your choice of two bandanas or totes. Each item is offered in both black or white, so you may mix and match your colors. You will leave with at least four dye projects to take home. We will have a variety of t-shirt sizes (S,M,L,XL). If you have questions or requests concerning specific sizing, please do not hesitate to email us beforehand. That said, we highly encourage you to also bring in any of your own apparel pieces you’d like to dye – t-shirts, sweats, hoodies…anything as long as it’s 100% cotton. We don’t recommend denim for your first attempts at this though.