Re-Animate And Reconstruct Your Wardrobe $38
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Are there pieces in your closet that you still love but don’t love to wear anymore? That lonely long skirt that you might wear, if it were magically made into a pencil skirt... or that pair of holey jeans that look as if altered by tossing in front of a firing squad... or the dress that fits only after performing a circus-ready contortion routine... In this new class, Supreme Crafter and Clothing Re-Animator Nicole Stevenson teaches you to give new life to these forgotten clothing gems as you learn some basic techniques for sewing, applique, ruching, screen printing and more. Explore design and composition as you become the Re-Animator of your closet’s graveyard section!  Well, maybe Re-Animator isn’t exactly the term we should use...

prerequisite: none, but some sewing experience would be very helpful. Nicole will help out with sewing machines for any sewing novices.

supplies needed: bring 3-6 articles of clothing to reconstruct and any additional materials (you will have an opportunity to work on a few of these pieces, but not all. A good selection is necessary!) We will also have fabrics and notions.

have questions about this class? Please email instructor Nicole Stevenson directly to ask questions about this class.  You can contact her at nicole AT

Teacher bio: Nicole Stevenson (aka random nicole), a crafter, painter, writer and DIY jack of all trades, hails from the little city of Orange, California where she started crafting things at an early age. she started her first crafty business at age 9, selling handmade stationary out of an old refrigerator box (decorated to look like a shop) on her front lawn. Nicole then moved onto to edible treats... creating and selling chocolates in front of her dads barber shop. She has owned a DIY school called The Craft Kitchen, taught classes all over California, and puts on the Patchwork indie design show in the LA area.
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  September  2022 
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