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Below is a list of some of our most popular activities for corporate events, private parties, and teambuilding offsites. Click on any link below to check out a brief description and photos of each activity. To see more, please visit our Pinterest page and/or follow us on Instagram.

* Build & Plant: Mounted Herb Garden
* Build & Plant: Triangle Planter / Shelf
* Build & Plant: Vertical Succulent Garden
* Floral Design
* Glass Jar Succulent and Moss Terrariums
* Kokedama Hanging Plant + Moss Gardens
* Mounted Staghorn Ferns
* Plants 101
* Tropical Plant Terrariums

* Beer Brewing
* Chocolate Making: From Bean to Bar
* Cocktail + Mixology Lab (choose your theme)
* Infusions: Limoncello, Absinthe & Atholl Brose
* Mustard Making
* Pickling

* Leatherworking: Belts
* Leatherworking: Drink Coasters
* Leatherworking: iPhone Sleeve / iPad Cover
* Leatherworking: Plant Hangers
* Leatherworking: Travel Journal
* Leatherworking: Wallets

* Indigo & Shibori Dying
* Macrame Plant Holders
* Macrame Wall Hangings
* Soy Candle Making

* Block Printing
* Screen Printing
* Sketching in a Sketchbook
* Watercolor Painting: Botanical & Plants
* Watercolor Painting: Night Sky, Galaxy, and Deep Space

Plants & Wood

Build + Plant: Mounted Herb Gardens

Build and fill your own mounted herb and/or house plant garden. Customize the look by staining your wooden mount, adding terra cotta pots, then filling with your choice of plants. Learn about proper herb + plant garden care. Time Length: 2.5 hrs

Build + Plant: Triangle Planters / Shelves

Build and stain your own wooden triangle planter or shelf. Learn about tools and woodworking concepts that go into the design, as well as tips on hanging the planter / shelf at home. Does not include plants. Time Length: 3 hrs

Build + Plant: Vertical Succulent Gardens

Get comfortable with simple tools (drill, screwdriver, and screws… just the basics) and assemble your own wooden garden box from pre-cut wood pieces. Fill your vertical garden with soil and succulents, and learn to mount it at home. Also, learn to properly care for your succulent garden to keep it happy and lively. Time Length: 3 hrs

Floral Design

Learn to design and create beautiful hand-wrapped bouquets and vase arrangement using locally grown flowers! Get a glimpse into the world of a florist as you learn how to choose the right flowers, care for your stems, and put together your arrangement. Each person will leave with one arrangement. Time Length: 2 hrs

Glass Jar Succulent and Moss Terrariums

Create a miniature desktop or hanging gardens from succulents, plants, moss, and miniature plastic toppers inside an ornate glass vessel. You’ll also learn proper plant care to keep your terrarium happy and lively. Time Length: 2 hrs

Kokedama Hanging Plant + Moss Gardens

Create a kokedama plant using sphagnum moss, twine, and your choice of house plant. Receive a care guide for keeping happy and alive once home. Time Length: 2 hrs

Mounted Staghorn Ferns

Learn to build and mount a staghorn fern onto wood base using moss, twine, pre-cut wood, and fishing line or burlap. Customize by staining or painting the wooden mount, and receive care guide on keeping your staghorn happy and alive once it is at your home. Time Length: 2 hrs

Plants 101

Learn how to properly care for a range of plant types, including tropicals, basic house plants, succulents, cactus plants, and air plants. Learn which plants will work best for your home, as well as soil basics, propagation methods, and healthy re-potting techniques. Get your hands dirty with three simple plant projects that you will take home. Time Length: 3hrs

Tropical Plant Terrariums

Learn to make your own ‘jungle in a jar’ using a variety of tropical plants, ferns, and mosses. These terrariums will be closed jar terrariums, and measure around eight inches in diameter. Time Length: 2hrs


Beer Brewing

Learn about the ingredients and process of brewing your own craft beer at home. Work in teams to produce and bottle your own batch of beer. Time Length: 4-6 hrs (time varies based on level of detail desired)

Chocolate Making: From Bean to Bar

Learn how cacao beans are transformed into delicious chocolate bars, and make your own chocolate bars with assorted tasty ingredients such as coconut flakes, ginger, cinnamon, sea salt, chili powder, and more. Time Length: 2.5hrs

Cocktail + Mixology Lab (choose your theme)

We offer several cocktail / mixology classes with set themes, or we can work with you to design a cocktail menu of your choice. You will make 2-3 amazing cocktails, often using our favorite locally distilled spirits. You will learn common bartender tools and proper muddling, shaking, and stirring techniques. Time Length: 3 hrs

Infusions: Limoncello, Absinthe & Atholl Brose

This class offers sampling and instruction on producing Limoncello, Atholl Brose (cream whiskey), and Absinthe. Time Length: 3 hrs

Mustard Making

Let us guide you through the mustard-making process step-by-step using some amazing and unique flavor combinations such as honey-stout, basil-garlic, or chipotle-ginger that will transform your hot dogs, sandwiches and sausages from simple Pac Bell park staples to bonafide, pinky-out delicacies! Each person will get to mix their own small batch of mustard using fresh herbs and spices, vinegar, and even beer! Time Length: 3 hrs


Make your own fermented and/or vinegar-brined pickles, and learn safety precautions as well as tips for creating the best flavors. Each person will receive two types of pickled vegetables, plus a list of resources and recipes to repeat this process at home. Time Length: 3 hrs


Leatherworking: Belts

Learn how to dye and prep leather, measure and cut a strap, stamp a simple design (even personalize it with alphabet stamps), and assemble a belt! Time Length: 3 hrs

Leatherworking: Drink Coasters

Learn how to use tools such as mallets, rotary punches, rivet setters, and strap cutters to produce four leather drink coasters and a fancy, button enclosed strap that can hold them all together when not in use. Time Length: 3 hrs

Leatherworking: iPhone Sleeve / iPad Cover

(Photos and description up soon!)

Leatherworking: Plant Hangers

Learn how to dye and prep leather, measure and cut multiple straps, stamp a simple design, and assemble a leather plant holder! Time Length: 3 hrs

Leatherworking: Travel Journal

Learn to create your own leather travel journal cover. You will use design stamps and alphabet stamps to create your own custom pattern on leather, punch holes for hand-stitching, assemble your leather pieces, and apply hardware to complete your journal cover. You will even receive a blank moleskine journal so your cover will have a home! Time length: 3hrs

Leatherworking: Wallets

Learn to follow a simple wallet pattern and cut out leather strips, mix dye to create a stain, then dye your leather. You will learn to hand stitch the leather pieces for assembly and apply a snap to complete your wallet.


Indigo & Shibori Dying

Learn the ancient Japanese resist-dyeing technique known as Shibori to generate unique indigo patterns onto four napkins and your choice of either tote bag or pillow case. Time Length: 3 hrs

Macrame Plant Holders

Learn fundamental macramé knots, including the half hitch, square, and overhand knot, while you create your own macrame plant holder. Embellish your macrame plant holder with fun beads and other natural goodies. You will also receive one small terra cotta pot and a cactus or succulent. Time Length: 3 hrs

Macrame Wall Hanging

Learn the art of macrame, mastering foundational knots including the double half hitch, the square knot, alternating square knot, and half square knot. You will complete one fancy, mid-sized wall hanging.

Soy Candle Making

Make two naturally scented soy candles in small mason jars using a variety of scented oils (think bergamot, vanilla or spruce), as well as an array of fruits, florals, fresh scents and plenty of "dude scents" too! Learn your way around a wick, how to use soy waxes, and how best to let the candles set. Time Length: 2 hrs


Block Printing

Get down and dirty with various methods of linoleum and rubber block printing. Achieve basic knowledge of the tools, inks, printing processes, and insider tips involved, and leave with your own uniquely carved block and printed tote, fabric piece, and/or paper. Time Length: 2.5 hrs

Screen Printing

Learn the basics of using silk screens to pull one-color images onto paper and fabric. Use our table top presses and library of over 100 images on our Workshop silk screens to produce your prints. Add a custom screen, blank t-shirts, totes, and additional blank apparel items to enhance the event. Time Length: 3 hrs

Sketching in a Sketchbook

(Photos and description up soon!)

Watercolor Painting: Botanical & Plants

Learn to paint beautiful botanical and floral images using watercolor techniques. You will begin with a series of short lessons on color, brushes, painting supplies, and basic painting techniques. Then, you will learn to lay down your composition, determine your color palette, and finally, knock out a few fantastic watercolor paintings. Time Length: 3hrs

Watercolor Painting: Night Sky, Galaxy, and Deep Space

Learn how to paint beautiful galaxies, night skies, planets, and deep space using watercolor techniques. You will receive a short lesson on color, brushes, painting supplies, and basic painting techniques, then you will learn how to use color blending, gradients, and watercolor washes to render night skies, nebulas, and other celestial bodies. Each participant will leave with atleast two completed paintings on cold-pressed archival watercolor paper. Time Length: 3hrs


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