Heroic Tarot Reading $38
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Ditch that daily horoscope addiction and leave the ouija in the closet with your VHS copy of Witchboard.  The true path to keeping tabs on your future moves is Heroic Tarot!  In this new class on DIY divination, you will hone your intuition with award-winning Heroic Tarot reader STORM! For both complete beginners and experienced practitioners, this class offers an overview of important Tarot concepts. You will examine the Major and Minor Arcana, the Court cards, and the the elemental suits. Then the class will interact with one another as revolving partners for perception training exercises. Learn how you can use the Tarot as a tool for connection and communication with Divine energy!  Oh, and did we mention that the X-Men were involved?  STORM’s notorious X-Men Tarot deck will be exhibited in class.  I mean...X-Men AND the occult?  Like having Stan Lee draw your future while Jimmy Page composes the soundtrack.  Um, yes please.

supplies needed: none

/teacher bio: As Synchronicity Attractor of Heroic Tarot, STORM gives insight, guidance and reflection through his unique X-Men Tarot as well as traditional divinations at the local artist gallery/boutique Swankety Swank. Heroic Tarot has received 5 Stars on Yelp, is a Winner of SF Weekly Best of the Bay 2010, Best of WonderCon Floor 2011 by io9, and has been featured on Comics Alliance, and Bleeding Cool. Besides his notorious X-Men cards, STORM uses the Aquarian Tarot, the Voyager deck, the Faerie Oracle and Runes. Regarding his work, STORM remarks, "Your system of information, like your path, is up to you. It is my pleasure and privilege to help you understand both." Find out more at
Sunday, October 30th, -
  October  2017 
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