DIY Cheese Making: How To Make And Stretch Fresh Mozzarella $38
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In DIY Cheese Making: How to Make and Stretch Fresh Mozzarella, instructor Nicole Kramer Easterday, the mastermind behind FARMcurious, schools you on those fist-sized balls of white goodness known as mozzarella!  First, Nicole will offer a short overview of the history of cheese making.  Then, get those fingers warmed up for a hands-on lesson in actual mozzarella production!  You will learn to make the mozzarella cheese from scratch, then get into groups to produce the fresh mozzarella, stretch it, and ball it up so that you can take it home with you.  (Or, devour the entire mozzarella ball on the spot... we won’t judge.)  This process will be accompanied by a mozzarella sampling to keep you in the proper mozzarella mindset.  You will leave class with a small ball of mozzarella as well as an understanding of beginner home cheese making and instructions on how to re-create this mozzarella-making process at home.

supplies needed: none. You can buy a ticket that includes the purchase of a home cheese making kit that will be ready for you at class time. But it is absolutely not mandatory to purchase the kit.  Just select the 2nd option when buying your ticket.

teacher bio: Nicole has been growing vegetables in an urban setting for four years and is constantly discovering new ways to grow more food in compact spaces. Having kept chickens as a child, she now tends a small flock in her backyard in Oakland. As part of her urban homesteading lifestyle, Nicole maintains a full time job with a large NYC media company, runs FARMcurious on the side, tends to the garden and various animals and also manages to grow much of her family’s own produce, craft her own cheese, can seasonal produce and somehow blog about it all at
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