Intro To Tie-Dye: Create Psychedelic Swirls And Kaleidoscope Bullseyes On Fabric (ONLINE CLASS) $75

We’re excited to see tie-dye prints popping up everywhere these days! In our Intro to Tie-Dye class, you will learn how to create your own colorful psychedelic swirls, bullseyes, and more for your own unique fabric and apparel pieces. You’ll start by pre-treating your fabric and prepping each of your color dyes. Next, we’ll walk you through four of the most popular tie-dye techniques (spiral, bullseye, heart, and crumple), as well as give tips for making your dye colors appear brighter or more faded. As part of the class, you’ll receive two large, cotton bandanas and a cotton tote to experiment on, but you're encouraged to bring your own white, 100% cotton apparel items to tie-dye as well. The class will wrap with instructions on post dye washing and apparel care, as well as info on where to get additional tie dye supplies for future projects. This class can get a little messy, so wearing aprons and/or old clothes is highly recommended!

How to attend this online class: This class will be taught via Zoom video call. You may download Zoom for your desktop or mobile device here. You will also need an internet connection strong enough to stream audio and video. After you register for this class, we will email you a link with details on how to join.

Supplies Needed: For this class, you will need one WorkshopSF Tie-Dye Kit. This kit includes one Jacquard Groovy Tie-Dye Kit (includes soda ash dye fixer, dye colors, squeeze bottles, disposable gloves, and rubber bands), 2x cotton bandanas, one cotton tote, and a grate + foil tray set for drip-drying your fabric pieces.

YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE one measuring cup, one mixing container that can hold at least a gallon of liquid solution (a large, clean mixing bowl will work), a stirrer (wooden spoon will work), and paper towels for clean up. We also recommend newspapering your dye area to keep rogue dye splashes from speckling your countertop!

IF WE ARE SHIPPING YOU A CLASS KIT, PLEASE NOTE: Upon purchase of your class ticket, you will receive an email with a link to a Google Form. PLEASE fill out and submit this shipping form as soon as possible. Class kits will be shipped approximately 5-7 business days prior to class time, and normally take 1-3 business days to arrive. You will receive a tracking number via email once your class kit is shipped.

The rules / important stuff: For our online classes, we have a strict 72-hour cancelation policy for each class, and a NO RETURNS POLICY for the class kit. BUT, the good news is, if you miss your class, you’ll still have access to a video recording of that class for up to three months.  Also, if you need to switch into an earlier / later session of your class, please just email us at least three days prior to class time and we will happily get you moved into the desired session.   All classes are still 21+ unless you email for permission. If any questions, please email us at info AT workshopsf DOT org.

Friday, April 23rd, 7:00PM-8:30PM
  May  2021 
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