Sashiko Mending: Intro To Japanese Embroidery For Decoration And Repair (ONLINE CLASS) $25-$60

In this online version of our Sashiko Mending class, you will learn about this beautiful, ancient Japanese embroidery technique which was originally developed to strengthen quilts and kimonos, and lengthen the life of textiles. Sashiko, which translates to "little stabs", traditionally uses white cotton thread on dark blue indigo-dyed fabric. A single running stitch is used to create lovely geometric patterns that can be used to decorate fabric or reinforce ripped denim. You will learn how to properly execute this running stitch, and transfer geometric designs onto indigo-dyed linen. Our instructor will guide you in the creation of your own sashiko design sampler. Once everyone has the technique down, the instructor will demonstrate how to apply this sashiko technique to your ripped jeans in order to repair and reinforce areas where the denim has torn or frayed.

How to attend this online class: This class will be taught via Zoom video call. You may download Zoom for your desktop or mobile device here. You will also need an internet connection strong enough to stream audio and video. After you register for this class, we will email you a link with details on how to join.

Supplies Needed: For this class, you will need one of the WorkshopSF Sashiko Mending Kits. One of these kits is included in the price of the first ticket option. Once your ticket is purchased, we will email you at least seven days prior to class time to confirm your shipping address and ship the kit to you promptly. Shipping normally takes 1-3 business days. IF you already own a WorkshopSF Sashiko Mending Kit, you may select the ONLINE CLASS ONLY ticket option. ALSO, for extra credit, we encourage you to have a pair of ripped jeans on hand so you can practice your new repairing skills with a teacher present!

Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite for this class. We have our online video tutorial on Sashiko Mending for you to watch and refresh yourself after the class.

Instructor Bio: Fueled by a long time desire to avoid jeans shopping at any cost, WorkshopSF sewing instructor and DIY Jack of All Trades Hayley learned the art of sashiko in order to keep her jeans in rotation for what some have called "too long". She now has become addicted to sashiko mending, and swears she owns at least one pair of jeans somewhere that lack rips or sashiko. Of course, no one has ever seen them... Check out photos of her sashiko magic on Insta at @pretzelegant_sashiko

The rules / important stuff: We have a NO EXCEPTIONS 72 HOUR CANCELLATION policy - this includes cancellation, re-books, gift certificates, moving classes, etc. For more information on canceling a class, please read our cancellation policy. All classes are 21+ unless you email for permission. If any questions, please email us at info AT workshopsf DOT org.

Tuesday, October 27th, 7:00PM-8:30PM
  September  2021 
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