Start Choppin’ Woodworking: Live Edge Wooden Slab Coffee Table (UPPER HAIGHT LOCATION) $325


The Start Choppin’ Woodworking series is a class series designed to give beginners a place to start their exploration into the world of woodworking. In each class, we focus on using hand tools and power tools that are accessible, affordable, and can (mostly) fit in your home. Each class will complete a project that allows you to use these tools, practice and improve your new woodworking skills, and return to your hacienda with a fantastic new furniture piece!

In this class, you will learn techniques for working with live edge wooden slabs in order to make your own slab coffee table! You will learn how to work with wood inlays using a bow tie key and chisel. This includes hand carving a bow tie shape into your slab, then adding a premade bow tie joint in a contrasting species. This technique is often seen in high end slab work, and operates both to strengthen the integrity of the slab as well as offer a decorative pop to the finish. You will move on to sanding, then attaching your hairpin legs. You will finish by sealing your piece with a professional grade finish called Rubio Monocoat, and voila, you have a beautiful, new table! Along the way, you will learn about all work that goes into prepping and milling wood slabs for furniture use, different species of wood that are great for slabs, and how to care for your slab table to make sure it keeps its gorgeous look for a long time to come. Red oak is the species for each wooden slab. Each table weighs approximately 30 lbs and measures approximately 36" W x 18" H x 18" D.

- general safety procedures
- understanding how slabs are sourced
- using a chisel and mallet to inlay wood
- sanding using an orbital sander
- using a power drill, drill bits, and ratchet set
- finishing techniques specific to slabs

PLEASE NOTE: This class is open to beginners with no prior woodworking experience, HOWEVER this class is more technical and requires your full attention to the details and instruction. Although not required, having taken one of our other beginner woodworking classes (either from the Build It Yourself or Start Choppin' Woodworking series) is helpful to familiarize you with some of the basic tools and safety procedures used in class. ALSO... be aware of the size of this furniture piece and please make sure you have a way to transport it home!

Supplies Needed: None. All wood, hardware, finish, and other supplies necessary to complete this furniture piece are included. Red oak is the species for each slab. Each table comes with a set of 16" hairpin legs in satin black (see more details here: In addition, you will be working in an environment with sawdust and wood stain, so please dress accordingly. Do not wear open toe shoes or sandals. Boots or tennis shoes are recommended. We will supply gloves, goggles, dust masks, and aprons as necessary.

Instructor Bio: Matt Plazek of MPI Woodworking is a talented furniture maker based in Pittsburgh, PA who specializes in making unique pieces from locally sourced hardwood slabs that he either mills himself or buys from other local sawmills. Matt is passionate about producing furniture pieces that are each an example of a waste reducing product. To view more of Matt's work, follow him on Instagram @mpi_woodworking.

The rules / important stuff: We have a NO EXCEPTIONS 72 HOUR CANCELLATION policy - this includes cancellation, re-books, gift certificates, moving classes, etc. For more information on canceling a class, please read our cancellation policy. All classes are 21+ unless you email for permission. If any questions, please email us at info AT workshopsf DOT org.

Saturday, February 22nd, 10:00AM-6:00PM
  July  2020 
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