DIY Mounted Staghorn Ferns  $66

Ah, those magical, mystical mounted staghorn ferns... described by some as "green taxidermy" since they do look like plants with antlers, these indoor wall dwellers are an outstanding addition to any living space. In this class, you will learn to properly build and mount a staghorn fern using moss, twine, pre-cut wood shapes, and either fishing wire or burlap. You’ll receive tips on proper angling and mounting so your fern will stand tall! You will also learn how to care for your new plant life and keep it alive. (I mean, the taxidermy comparison only goes so far... these babies wanna live!) Additionally, you will learn how to remount your staghorn fern, should it grow too big for its mount. You will leave with one medium-sized staghorn fern, a plant care guide, and resources on where to buy plants and hardware supplies should you desire to make more!

PLEASE NOTE: Each medium-sized wooden base measures around 12" X 15". AND, if there are enough plants & supplies (and enough class time), you can buy more plants and supplies from us to make more!

WANNA SEE MORE EXAMPLES? Please check out WorkshopSF’s mounted staghorn fern Pinterest board for additional photos of the mounted staghorn ferns that you will make in class.

Supplies Needed: none.

Instructor Bio: Carmen Sanches obtained her BFA in textile design from the University of Kansas before spending the next 15+ years managing and directing visual teams at Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie SF flagship stores. Her focus was designing and creating their amazing in-store and window displays. While there, Carmen designed many of their large scale art installations. Maybe you remember the hanging Golden Gate Bridge made from over 1,000 Rice-a-Roni boxes? Or, the cork weeping willow, made from 20,000 recycled wine corks? That was Carmen! Currently, she instructs at WorkshopSF and works as an independent builder and designer, mainly assisting well known woodworkers / designers Katie Gong and Alekzandra Zee. In her spare time, Carmen has become a bonafide crazy plant lady, with over 30 staghorn ferns, air plants, succulent gardens, and more covering her walls and tables at home!

The rules / important stuff: We have a NO EXCEPTIONS 72 HOUR CANCELLATION policy - this includes cancellation, re-books, gift certificates, moving classes, etc. For more information on canceling a class, please read our cancellation policy. All classes are 21+ unless you email for permission. If any questions, please email us at info AT workshopsf DOT org.

Thursday, July 25th, 7:00PM-9:00PM
  October  2019 
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