Cheesemonger 101: Make And Stretch Your Own Mozzarella $68

In Cheesemonger 101: Make and Stretch Your Own Mozzarella, instructor Alex Armstrong, one of the resident cheesemongers of Mission Cheese, schools you on those fist-sized balls of white goodness known as mozzarella! First, Alex will offer a short history and brief overview of cheese making, focusing primarily on pasta filata style cheeses. (For all of you non-cheese nerds, pasta filata refers to a technique used to manufacture stretched-curd, pulled-curd, and plastic-curd cheeses!) Next, you will learn how to make fresh mozzarella, stretch it, and form it into balls. You will learn safe methods for storing and curing freshly made mozzarella. Alex will also go over cheese recipe building and pairing tips. Of course, this process will be accompanied by a mozzarella sampling to keep you in the proper mozzarella mindset! You will leave class with a jar of small balls of mozzarella, you’re own mozzarella cheese making kit, an understanding of beginner home cheese making, and the knowledge to re-create this mozzarella making process at home.

Supplies Needed: None. However, you may get dirty during this process, so please dress down for the class. Also, please note that as part of this class, you will receive a 30 Minute Mozzarella Kit from New England Cheese Making Supply Co., which includes enough ingredients for 30 one-pound batches of mozzarella. For more information on this cheese making kit, please visit:

Instructor Bio: Alex Armstrong has been working with cheese for nearly four years. He started his career on a small goat dairy in rural Michigan before moving to Chicago to learn cheesemongering and cheese shop management. After becoming a finalist at the 2015 NYC Cheesemonger invitational, he decided to head out west to San Francisco to pursue his career in cheese. He now works as an event coordinator and monger at Mission Cheese. Learn more about Alex and his team at Mission Cheese by visiting their site at, as well as sign up for a Mission Cheese event!

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Tuesday, April 17th, 7:00PM-9:30PM
  February  2019 
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