DIY Wooden Triangle Planter Or Shelf $58

In this class, professional woodworker Katie Kilanowski will teach you how to build your own wooden triangle planter or shelf! First, you’ll gain a little insight into a woodworker’s twisted mind as Katie talks through some of the design decisions and woodworking concepts employed for this project. Next, she’ll help you get comfortable with some of the terms and processes you’ll be exposed to during the class (miter joints, grain direction, glue-ups, sanding, filling, and staining). Katie will guide you through prepping your wood and building your wooden planter or shelf in a step by step process. Last, she’ll offer tips for hanging your planter or shelf, should you want it to "float". And, if you find yourself obsessing over these geometric planters / shelves, and simply MUST make more of them, not to worry... we’ll hook you up with the specs, measurements, supply list, and tools list. You will leave with one wooden triangle planter or shelf, as well as a guide to the concepts, tools, and resources learned in class!

PLEASE NOTE: This class is BYOP... Bring Your Own Plants! So, if you would like to bring along some plants or succulents to fill your planter in class, feel free. We’ll even offer up some extra soil for ya from our own stash at no charge!

Supplies Needed: None. All wood necessary for this project is included. Be aware that you will have the option of building either a planter or a shelf.

Instructor Bio: Katie Kilanowski is a professional woodworker from New York. Katie discovered her love for woodworking while earning her BFA in Fine Arts. She continued her studies through workshops at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (ME), the Center for Art in Wood (PA), and numerous apprenticeships at SUNY Purchase (NY). Before leaving New York, she gained experience as an architectural millworker at Zepsa Studios where she was introduced to fine cabinetry. She currently works as a furniture maker at GO Build Studio in San Francisco, a three-person company producing high end furniture for the bay area. Katie is also the founder of Kila Co. Design, which promotes her own line of explorative furniture, sculpture, and cuttingboards. You can find her work at

The rules / important stuff: We have a NO EXCEPTIONS 72 HOUR CANCELLATION policy - this includes cancellation, re-books, gift certificates, moving classes, etc. For more information on canceling a class, please read our cancellation policy. All classes are 21+ unless you email for permission. If any questions, please email us at info AT workshopsf DOT org.
Sunday, October 15th, 12:00PM-3:00PM
  October  2017 
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