Print Making 101: Cyanotype Printing $56

In Print Making 101: Cyanotype Printing, Portland-based artist and textile designer Ellen Julia Brown will introduce you to the beautiful art of cyanotype printing! This photographic process, also known as sun printing, allows you to use real life objects, stencils, drawings, and even photo negatives to produce unique, Prussian blue prints on both artist paper and fabric. Ellen will lead you through the print making process from start to finish, beginning with a discussion of the specific tools involved, as well as options for prepping your chemicals, paper, and fabric. You will then experiment with exposures, using different objects and negatives, to produce prints on paper and fabric. Lastly, you will learn to rinse and dry out your prints so they are complete and ready to show! Ellen will discuss options for further exploration, including general troubleshooting tips, and using toner to manipulate the color of your prints.

This class will include about two hours of instruction, demonstration, and group printing exercises. The last hour will be dedicated to working with the instructor to print images, explore, and get creative! You will leave with at least 4-6 prints, including a tea towel, fabric pieces, and artist print paper, as well as instructions and know-how to re-create this process at home.

WANNA SEE MORE EXAMPLES? Please check out Ellen’s cyanotype Pinterest boards for additional cyanotype examples as well as photos of the cyanotype printing process from a prior printing class.

Supplies Needed: None. We supply all ink, paper, and supplies to print. Please wear clothing that can take a hit of ink or two. We will have aprons for you to wear. For cyanotype printing, you may bring a photo negative printed onto transparency paper. (A simple 8.5 X 11 sheet works, just make sure your image is printed black and white!)

Instructor Bio: Ellen Julia Brown is a visual artist, textile designer, and maker living in Portland, Oregon. She shares her love of cyanotype and surface pattern design through workshops, and will be launching her first collection of handmade accessories, Light & Line, in Spring 2017. Check out Ellen’s textile and photography work on Instagram @ellenjuliabrown.

The rules / important stuff: We have a NO EXCEPTIONS 72 HOUR CANCELLATION policy - this includes cancellation, re-books, gift certificates, moving classes, etc. For more information on canceling a class, please read our cancellation policy. All classes are 21+ unless you email for permission. If any questions, please email us at info AT workshopsf DOT org.

Saturday, May 20th, 12:00PM-3:00PM
  May  2018 
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