Brew It Yourself 102: Full Grain Brewing- POTRERO LOCATION $125

IMPORTANT: Location is 726 15th St, SF CA 94103, off of Potrero. In the "British Grocery" building.

Are you ready to take your home-brewing to the next level? Brew It Yourself 102 will give you all the techniques you need to make great beer at home via the advanced full-grain brewing method. After the class, you’ll walk away with a case of beer that you helped make, and the confidence to tackle a full-grain batch of beer at home.

You’ll get to take the class in the Comrades Brewing secret beer laboratory. We’ll first create a yeast starter, which will really get your yeast ready to take on the big job ahead of them. Then we’ll brew a 10 gallon batch of beer via the full-grain brewing method. We’ll carbonate our beer both in the bottle, and via force carbonation in a keg. During the brew, we’ll cover all your options for equipment, and dive into the science behind the art.

Since we’ll be going through some advanced techniques, we assume you already have basic brewing knowledge for this class. It is required that you have brewed at home, extract or full grain, or taken our Brew It Yourself 101 class.

This is the only class in SF where you get to learn from a professional brewer, and take home beer that you made. The class is limited to just 8 people, so you’ll get lots of time to ask questions. Your instructor Jason has worked hard to bring the principles and techniques of professional brewing to the world of homebrewing. You’ll really get a unique perspective that will take your brewing to the next level.

Part one: Saturday, February 18th
Part two: Tuesday, March 7th

Teacher bio: Jason Beck is the owner and Brewmaster of Comrades Brewing Company. He was formerly the Head Brewer at the Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company. He has taught over 400 people how to brew in 4 years of teaching, and has brewed over a million pints of beer in his 10 years as a brewer.

The rules/ important stuff: We have a NO EXCEPTIONS 72 HOUR CANCELLATION policy- this includes rebooks, gift certificates, moving classes, etc. At that point we lock in your space, supplies and pay teachers for your spot. We happily refund or move any classes before that 72 hr point. Please see more on our Q&A page for more. All classes are 21+ unless you email for permission. Classes are meant for small groups or single tickets- please email if you would like more than 6 tickets to any class and we can arrange a private event. If you want to bring your pet- just ask us. To use a gift certificate just email us to sign up. Hit us for any questions at Hooray!

Saturday, February 18th, 11:00AM-5:00PM
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