Rock-N-Roll Sewing For Beginners $34
Our favorite martha stewart meets alice cooper sewing class has gone CO-ED! Now guys and gals can learn the nuances of threading their bobbins to the tune of War Pigs and Iron Man!  In this class, we will demystify the sewing machine and teach you what all of those crazy buttons, levers, and pedals can do!  you will learn how to thread your machine, sew a straight stitch, and even make a very simply pattern by constructing your very own beer koozie.  We’ll also show you how to create and sew a secret storage pocket into your pillowcase. A pocket for what? Extra lighters, secret stash, late night "protection", trapping the tooth fairy... the possibilities are truly endless!

This class teaches the same skills as Sewing 101. You will be ready to take Sewing 102 after this class.

supplies needed: bring a spare pillow case.  also, if you have an old pair of jeans or flannels you’d like to donate for beer koozies material, please bring. (if you don’t have them, it’s cool, we have some. we just want you to be able to take some stuff home)