Heavy Metal Aerobics $10
get in shape to your favorite metal riffs from judas priest, metallica, maiden and more!! with over 5 years of yoga and dance experience, class leader Donnelle Malnik has combined metal, aerobics,and yoga to create a routine that will kick start your heart and improve your flexibility. and in the weight training segment, you’ll lift a six pack with those guns while we create a six pack outta that stomach! so join us at Workshop for heavy metal aerobics, and we’ll have you pulling scissor kicks from the risers that put David Lee Roth to shame!

what you need for the class: work out clothes (if you wanna rock spandex + metal t-shirts, then break them out!) running shoes (converse too flat, high heels no way!!) and a towel.

(UPDATE: We are now offering walk-up Heavy Metal Aerobics classes every Tuesday at 7:00pm.  No online sign-up for these walk-up classes.  Just come early to get your spot!)