DIY Paper Dahlia Headpiece $50

Learn how to make an impressive, large paper dahlia headpiece, perfect for spring and summer celebrations. Tiffanie will teach you how to cut, stretch and assemble an oversized dahlia head from gorgeous floral crepe paper. You will create a durable, show-stopper of a headpiece that is sure to impress. There will be a wide variety of paper colors to choose from, but if you have a certain color in mind, let us know ahead of time so she is sure to bring it.

All levels welcome. This is a glue gun project, so be comfortable working with hot glue (extra points for bringing your own glue gun). Please bring a pair of scissors if you ve got them.

Teacher bio: Tiffanie is an architect, artist, performer and homemaker, and is the person behind the blossoming paper art of papel SF. Outside of worshop, Tiffanie has also taught classes for Martha Stewart Living, at Makeshift Society, Handcraft Studio School in Emeryville, and online for creativeLIVE. Her work is sold through One Kings Lane and her papel SF Etsy shop, and a solo show of her work entitled Heads will open May 9, 2014 at Rare Device in San Francisco. She documents almost everything she makes and does at corner blog . Find her on Instagram at @sfcornerblog.
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