DIY Holistic Nutrition: Juicing And Blending $46

It’s no secret that San Franciscans love to drink. Day drinking in the park, quick getaways to wine country, afternoons at a local brewery, cocktails all evening, and a green juice to balance it all out the next morning.

Wait - not on board the juicing and blending craze yet? Learn how to easily boost your veggie count with a class covering all the basics. You’ll learn the benefits and differences between the two, taste everything we make, and go home with recipes for both juicing and blending.

This new Workshop offering (because where else can you get a beer with your juice?) will teach you everything you need to know about juicing and blending. Learn which is the better fit for you. Maybe you want to throw back all the nutrition you can as fast as possible (this is a good fit for the reluctant shot taker types) or maybe you want to savor each sip of your satiating smoothie, like that of a splendid scotch.

Whether you want to try a three day cleanse, or you’re simply looking to balance out the previous night’s indulgences with a green juice, this class is for you. The recipes and tricks you’ll learn here will help you pack more beautiful bay area produce into your banging body. Supplies needed: None. However, this is one of the few great excuses to wear an apron outside of your house, if you’re so inclined.

Teacher Bio: Candice loves all things food. It’s hard not to when you grow up in Chicago. In fact, she thinks food is magical. Soup for a cold, ginger to fight nausea, deep dish pizza for the soul, and a smoothie to cure your hangover. If for some reason you can’t find her in the kitchen, it’s probably because the sun is out, and she’s soaking it up at the park. Deciding to do what she loves, Candice became a nutritionist, known for putting duck fat on her carrots and likely trying to poison you with insane amounts of garlic in her cooking. Find her online at
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  February  2020 
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