Indie Biz 102: How To Get Started On Etsy $38
So you’ve perfected the design of your cigarette pack slash date book slash bike lock slash key-hide-it, and you’re ready to unleash this amazing, original product on the vast world of consumers. Or maybe you’ve recently re-worked and re-finished all of your Auntie Vera’s estate jewelry and you’re ready to make some moolah? (its okay...its not like she was a blood relative or anything..) In Indie Biz 102: How To Get Started On Etsy, Independent toy designer and small business consultant Lauren Venell will show you how to start selling your wares on Etsy. You will learn how to set up an Etsy account, tips for how to market your products, how to take and post photos, how to get paid (cha-ching) and much more.

no pre-req for this class.  you do not have to take Indie Biz 101 in order to take this class.

supplies needed: none. (but you may want to bring a pen + pad for notes.)

Teacher Bio: Lauren Venell is an independent toy designer, artist, and small business consultant from San Francisco. She is the founder of Sweet Meats plush toys and a Senior Design Partner of Burning House Design. She manages several product lines in addition to independent creative consulting. Lauren is also the editor of the Biz Miss blog for creative women, a contributing "biz lady" for design*sponge, and the Indie Business columnist for the Bazaar Bizarre SF blog. She’s kind of a big deal...if you didn’t know.