DIY Desserts: Artisan Caramels $44
Oh caramel... whether poured over ice cream, used for dipping apples, or just offered up all by its lonesome, it has delighted mouths (and destroyed molars) for centuries. Now, you can learn how to make these small squares of chewy heaven in the privacy of your own kitchen! In Artisan Caramels, our resident connoisseur and master creator of fine treats, Emily Guzzardi, will demonstrate proper techniques in candy making and discuss how to avoid some of the common pitfalls with this process. Emily will offer a brief discussion on the science of cooking sugar, and give tips on how to make sure your caramels are a success! Students will sample multiple flavors of caramels, such as classic vanilla, lavender honey, black licorice, and, everyone’s all-time favorite, salted chocolate caramels, made with Guittard chocolate and Maldon sea salt. (This particular assortment of caramels is open to change based on what Emily has made that week. Well, except for the salted chocolate caramels... that one is a guarantee!) Students will then learn how to portion, cut, and hand-wrap individual caramels. Each student will take home an assortment of caramels in gift packaging. We would say that you could share your new yummy creations with your friends and loved ones, but who are we kidding? If these caramels survive the MUNI ride home, we’ll be impressed.

supplies needed: none

teacher bio: Emily Guzzardi is a veteran of the food industry.  Having graduated from CIA, Emily has spent the past few years as a chef instructor, teaching baking and pastry classes.  She has a wide variety of both front and back of the house experience in everything from fine dining restaurants to cafes to catering, dating as far back to the humble Dairy Queen days of her youth.  Her cookie company, Batch, ( is in the process of launching its signature Beadie cookie, a very secretly guarded family recipe. Batch is currently seeking mouths!
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  May  2018 
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