DIY Desserts: Chocolate Truffles And Chocolate-dipped Goodies $44
Have you ever wanted to pull an Augustus Gloop and take the Nestea plunge into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate River? If you answered "yes" to this, then behold... Workshop is excited to offer DIY Desserts: Chocolate Truffles and Chocolate-Dipped Goodies! In this class, our fabulous baking instructor Emily Guzzardi offers a thorough and tasty explanation of chocolate fundamentals and all of the differences in chocolate labeling. You will learn what it means to "temper" chocolate and how it is done using the seeding method. You will then use tempered chocolate to "enrobe" ganache centers to make your own truffles! Each can be finished in a variety of garnishes of your choice, such as coconut, chopped nuts, and cocoa powder. You will leave with an assortment of chocolate truffles that may (or may not) make it home with you... In addition, we invite you to bring other goodies that you would like to dip into the chocolate cauldron to make your own chocolate concoctions! And don’t worry, there will be no freaky Oompa-Loompas to escort you to the exit if you get a little carried away with your chocolate-dipping...

supplies needed: none

teacher bio: Emily Guzzardi is a veteran of the food industry.  Having graduated from CIA, Emily has spent the past few years as a chef instructor, teaching baking and pastry classes.  She has a wide variety of both front and back of the house experience in everything from fine dining restaurants to cafes to catering, dating as far back to the humble Dairy Queen days of her youth.  Her cookie company, Batch, ( is in the process of launching its signature Beadie cookie, a very secretly guarded family recipe. Batch is currently seeking mouths!
Tuesday, December 4th, -
  May  2018 
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