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San Francisco’s enthusiasm for screen printing has grown from a mild, Muni-ride flirtation to full blown, Fatal Attraction-style obsession! (Or ,maybe that’s just us…?) So Workshop is excited to offer the PRINTSHOP: Screen Printing Intensive class, giving you a deeper dive into this excellent printing technique. This class is offered in two sessions, and taught by Ben Venom, a veteran instructor, artist, printer, and purveyor of all things devil-horned (yeah, he made that…). Ben will show you everything you need to know to screen print multi-color images.

In Session #1, you will learn about screen printing techniques through the years, how to use Photoshop to create, prep, and manipulate images for screening, how to coat / burn your screens, and how to print single colors on to paper. You will also discuss submitting images for your own 1- or 2-color screen. PLEASE bring in images that you would like to work on for this session.  PSD files work best, but any image file format should work.

For Session #2, you will learn about printing on fabric, as well as how to print two colors using the "flop" method. There will be plenty of time to experiment with your new screen printing skills, troubleshoot your technique, and work on creating your own prints using your own custom image (or images from Workshop). Lastly, Ben will offer tips on setting up your very own DIY printing studio inside your home or apartment. You could call it the Screen Printing Sanitarium… that would probably win you a lot of dates.

Dates for class sessions:

Session #1: Wednesday, December 5th - 7:30-10:30pm
Session #2: Wednesday, December 12th - 7:30-10:30pm

Prerequisites: None.

Supplies needed: If you have a laptop with Photoshop installed (any version) then we encourage you to bring it. Also, you have the option (but are not required) to bring extra fabric, paper, canvases, pillowcases, aprons, t-shirts or other goodies if you would like to screen images onto them to take home. We do offer limited items for sale that you can purchase to print.  ALSO, you will have the option of purchasing your screen at the end of class if you so choose.

Workshop Note: This class is part of the Workshop Intensive Series. This series of classes offers a deeper, more technical level of understanding for a given skill or craft. It’s like the "Director’s Cut" of Workshop classes, and aims to serve folks desiring to take their skill to the next level. Workshop Intensive classes are offered over multiple sessions. Many of the skills from Screen Printing for Newbies are covered in this class. If you have taken Screen Printing for Newbies, and you would like to advance your screen printing skills, then we highly recommend this class.
Wednesday, December 5th, -
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