DIY Desserts: Artisan Ice Cream $46
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Remember childhood ice cream making in the backyard? Your dad turning the crank on the wooden ice cream maker, you carrying the heavy bag of rock salt, the ice cream churning for what seemed like hours before the entire family mowed through bowls of homemade strawberry, banana, or vanilla ice cream. (This was all right before shooting illegal bottle rockets into the neighbor’s garage and having the fire department called...ah, the memories...) We are excited to help you recreate this scene of dairy deliciousness (not the bottle rocket part) with DIY Deserts: Artisan Ice Creams. In this workshop we’ll break down the science behind achieving the perfect balance of ingredients to create a well-textured frozen dessert. we’ll work with unique pairings as we start from scratch and churn out Kona coffee & oatmeal stout ice cream, olive oil & sea salted pepita ice cream as well as a vegan watermelon & lemonade sorbet. still not good enough? We’ll also create toppings that rival any fancy pants ice cream shop like one step fleur de sel caramel and a homemade dark chocolate crackle shell sauce. You’ll leave with a container of chocolate sauce and caramel, as well as a mini-book full of recipes, secrets and tips to make killer ice creams at home!

supplies needed: none
Sunday, July 29th, -
Artisan Cocktail Salts, Sugars, Syrups, And Garnishes $46
Your house will be the best bar in town after you become a master of artisan cocktail salts, sugars, syrups and garnishes. Say adios to sweet and sour mix and buh-bye to store bought maraschino cherries. We’ll start by pairing fresh fruits and herbs with gourmet salts and sugars to create the perfect combinations to rim your cocktail glasses. Then we’ll make infused simple syrups and learn how to quick pickle veggies for a bloody mary that can double as a meal. Your new boozy skills will be put to good use as we make and sample four cocktails: a jalapeno syrup margarita rimmed with spicy citrus cilantro salt, a bloody mary with spicy savory salt and homemade pickled pepper + garlic green beans, pearl onions and radishes, a scotch manhattan with brandied cherries and bacon sugar (that’s right, BACON sugar) and a raspberry basil martini rimmed with lavender sugar. You’ll leave with a recipe book and the fruits of your labor: salts, sugars, syrups & pickled veggies so you can go home and whip out more fancy drinks.

supplies needed: none
Sunday, July 29th, -
Sewing 101: Machine And Hand Basics $38
Learn basic sewing skills including how to cut fabric, how to use a simple pattern, and how to perform a few different stitches. You will also learn how to operate a sewing machine. You will walk out having finished at least three simple projects including a koozie for a can or bottle. And, you’ll start a sock monkey and finish it as homework. with all of these projects, you will gain a solid foundation of machine and hand sewing. You may not be ready to produce a Dior jacket quite yet, but at least you’ll be able to sew that ripped pillow on your couch. after taking this class, you have the option to take additional sewing classes.

supplies needed: bring a pair of fun medium to large socks (NOT your gym socks) for the sock monster project.
Sunday, July 29th, -
Sewing Sorcery: Learn Zippers, Buttons, And Simple Construction $40

In this class, we will up your rank to 2nd-Level Sewing Sorcerer with a handful of crucial, technical sewing skills, giving you the confidence and vocabulary needed to take on garment construction. (this is equivalent to extra sewing intelligence, dexterity, and charisma, for you Dungeons & Dragons fans out know who you are.) Using a combination of demonstrations and sample sewing, instructor Gwen Lutz teaches you the ins and outs of fabric and fabric grain, proper cutting techniques, how to create and sew buttonholes using the sewing machine buttonhole feature, how to install basic zippers, and other handy skills for basic garment construction. You will complete two small projects- a wallet-sized pouch with a button closure, and a second pouch with a zipper opening that is the perfect size for daily make-up or drawing supplies.  However, this class is more technical in order to increase your comfort with the sewing machine, and add a new set of technical skills to your growing sewing arsenal.

prerequisite: Sewing 101, Rock & Roll Sewing or equivalent. (and by equivalent, we mean you already know how to use a sewing machine, wind thread around the bobbin, and complete simple sewing projects with a machine.)
Sunday, July 29th, -
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