Brew It Yourself: Beer Making At Home $85

Have you ever tasted a beer and said, I could probably make that? Or said, I could probably make something better? Take our Brew It Yourself: Beer Making at Home class and you’ll realize how true that is. You’ll get your hands dirty on one of our brewing rigs, and after this two part class you’ll actually walk away with a case of beer that you brewed. You and a couple of partners will brew a 5 gallon batch of beer in the first class. Then two weeks later you’ll come back and get to taste and bottle your beer.  You will leave with at least eight 22oz bottles of your beer.

This session of the class will discuss how to make stronger brews, and offer the opportunity to make one yourself.  During the class, you’ll munch malts and huff hops, learning how to use them to achieve the flavor you want. You’ll become best friends with yeast, and fall in love with sanitizer. We’ll have a tasting of many different styles of beer to get you acquainted with the many possibilities of brewing. You’ll learn great detail about the production process in a commercial brewery, and also learn about the science behind the art. You’ll get the low down on what the best equipment is for your home brewery. Everything will help you gain the knowledge you need to make a successful, flavorful batch of beer at home.  AND, this month, you will have the opportunity to make a stronger version of your favorite flavor!

This class is taught over two sessions.

Session 1: Saturday, June 30th - 11:00am-5:00pm (6 hours total)
Session 2: Wednesday, July 18th - 8:00-10:00pm (2 hours total)

Supplies Needed: none, but we optionally request that you bring your favorite beer to share with the class.

Teacher bio: Jason Beck likes to brew beer that breaks the rules, but recognizes that a solid base in the fundamentals is key. He is currently starting his own brewery, Comrades Brewing. He started as a homebrewer, was the Head Brewer at the Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company for 4 years, and consults for the Mayfield Brewing Company. He figures he has brewed over 1,000,000 pints of beer and is therefore responsible for about 250,000 drunken nights. Check him out at
Saturday, June 30th, -
DIY Desserts: Pie In A Jar $40
Everything is cuter in a jar. plants in a jar. fireflies in a jar.  and especially, pie in a jar. (...uh hum, save the Jeffrey Dahmer refs... )  So we are excited to unveil our NEW, REVAMPED Pie in a Jar class! Piemaker and food author Julie Propp will show you how to create a simple and fresh filling, roll out the dough, and assemble your own miniature pie. You will also learn how to create rad trims and lattice tops, as well as how to make simple, fresh crusts.  These little babies will come out almost to cute to devour... almost.  In addition to chowing down on one of the pre-made pies in class, you will leave class with THREE unbaked and assembled pies in a jar to bake at home!! (And don’t worry ~ the unbaked pies will keep in your freezer for later!)

supplies needed: none, but you may want to bring a recycled bag if you have one to carry away the unbaked pies.

teacher bio: Julie Propp is on a mission to bring back the art of making pies. Growing up among women who cooked everything from scratch, she wore a little purple apron and cooked right alongside them. One of those women was her Great Aunt Eleanor who gave her pie crust recipe to Julie’s mom, Kathy.  Today, Julie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, has co-authored the cookbook Aunt Eleanor’s Never Fail Pie Crust and Classic Recipes, and continues to cook everything from scratch.  Follow her Pie Bite - Two Women Dish on Pie blog at:
Saturday, June 30th, -
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