Chain Gang: Broke Ass Stuart’s D.I.Y. Column

We don’t know about you, but there is something enormously creepy about baby doll heads. As a girl, I was plagued with these things. My mom insisted that I liked all of the porcelain dolls she gave me, that I was thankful for the one I received every year at Christmas, and thank fucking Christ I don’t live at home anymore, cause I would probably still be getting one. I’m pretty sure I smashed them all in in my college dorm room when she surprised me with them in a box in front of my new dorm mates. Did I mention the first year of college was hard?

Broke Ass Stuart has a great new D.I.Y. columnist, and though she’s just getting started, her post about spraypainted baby doll head paper weights is one part interesting, one part creepy, one part genius and all parts insane. Maybe I can finally dig all of those dolls out of my closet and do what I should of did a long time ago — paint em black!

You can read about her creations every week in the DIY section over at Broke Ass Stuart’s Goddamned Website.


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