pie in a jar. it’s more precious than you think.

pie in jar 66

if you look around workshop, it’s no surprise that we like anything in jars. terrariums. storage. infusions of tasty booze we make. thread. flowers. old bearded guys modge podged to the fronts for weird candleholders. and now pies….thanks to Gillian form Black Jet Bakery, she has figured out how to make pie in a jar. she had at me the cute factor. but alas there are so many more selling points to this wonder of a class that gives terrariums a run for its money as far as ease & cuteness. here’s a few…(and if that’s not enough scope the pictures)

  • it’s so easy once you learn, you’ll dazzle all your peeps with this slightly effortless wonder
  • Gillian does all the hard work for you…makes the crust, cuts up all the fruit and puts her magic tlc into it, so you can just make pies. then eat them.
  • she brings one for you to eat. that’s how you start class. eating pie. seriously? hello!
  • they are perfect portions…small, petite and easy to store. so single people like me, make a bunch store them in the fridge and when you have guests or a solo pie emergency, dig in. they go from freezer to oven easy.
  • i made these for friends, then served with whipped cream and caramel. they thought i spent hours on it and we so dazzled that i once again giggle when they leave for realizing how easy it is to make people think you slaved over a hot stove forever, maybe next time i’ll splash flour all over my face and put on a dirty apron too!
  • you can even decorate your pie jar lids and add terrarium/ cake toppers after they are cooked for more adorableness. peep my mustache topper.
  • you can make cheesecakes, savory pies, crumbles, anything in these. once you learn, fly free little bird. we will be adding more in a jar classes. now if i could get a boyfriend in a jar. pull him out of the freezer and heat up when needed. dammit. oh well.

workshop pie in jar 11

we will be adding way more of these classes, so keep posted. for the class fee, you walk out with 3 pies, eat one and learn how to make them. not so bad. additionally, you can re-use the lovely jars over and over again once you become addicted to making these. trust me, you will. if terrariums and pie in a jar got into a cute battle, i am just not sure who would win. its like hercules v. zena. or ashley v. mary kate. chocolate v. peanut butter. oh my.

pie in jar 44pie in jar 33workshop pie in jar22

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