some next level shit.

ok guys. so we are constantly trying to come up with new classes and ideas. we arent exactly the ymca, so we don’t yet have the resources, funding and space to offer complex classes that require fancy equipment. but you can bet we are always trying to re-invent simple and cheap ways to do things diy your house, with simple equipment and low budget. our hamster wheel is a turning! this summer we are starting interior design classes on silk screening wallpaper, poster art, re-uping the bachelor pad (if you dont know the re-up, watch the wire people!). we are also adding dressmaking, new sewing classes, pattern & draping classes, diy park grill kit making, mac & cheese workshops, more pie in a jar, making headboards, i can go on and on….. expect 3-4 new classes a month in addition to all the regular classes that you’re asking for more of.

i think what i am most excited for is summer events and bringing our style of diy to more peeps. we will be setting up big booths at the indie marts (we’re the indie mart too..incase you didn’t know) all summer offering everything from live art, screen-printing, all day demos, heavy metal aerobics (yes you can get you metal fitness on at the indie mart) and build your own terrarium booths. our events aside…one of my favorite parts of getting ready for all these summer festivals, shows and events is the posters & fliers. whether it’s creating ours or looking at everyone else’s.  i am a graphics whoremonger. if your poster is awesome, i will come to your event, show, party, bar mitzvah or jail release party. in a world of photoshop and new technology…i am still an appreciator of printing things old school via printmaking. though i am still only a few years in with my printing experience, i have spent a lifetime collecting posters and gawking at the newest posters. the resurgence of poster art for rock shows has been on fire the last few years with printmaking. as dig around for inspiration, see what’s new and hunt for ideas for future classes. printmaking is the next frontier for us. it may take us a few more months, but check out some of our favorites…..and expect some next level shit in the summer! classes, workshop poster and rad artist collabs.


keep on making stuff


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Sewing Bootcamp For Beginners: All Day Sewing Camp & Tote Bag Projects  $100
Saturday, November 17th, 11:00AM-6:00PM

Start Choppin’ Woodworking: DIY Wooden Bench Project $135
Saturday, November 17th, 11:00AM-5:00PM

Brew It Yourself: Intro To Homebrewing (POTRERO HILL LOCATION) $100
Saturday, November 17th, 11:00AM-5:00PM

Weaving Bootcamp for Beginners: Weaving with Chunky Yarn and Wool Roving $125
Saturday, November 17th, 11:30AM-4:30PM

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