In the craft world, there is a glue that is known to have magical powers of epic proportions. It holds almost anything together, adheres any paper or photo to any surface and manages to do it flawlessly. This fabulous fix-all is otherwise known as Mod Podge.

Jan Wetstone, inventor of Mod Podge, was frustrated with the lack of efficiency that came with decoupaging. Originally, decoupage involved lots of planning, coats of varnish and sanding in between each coat in order to make sure that another coat could be placed on top. Though decoupage was popular in the 50’s and 60’s, the cumbersome process made it difficult to really have fun with the project. Enter Whetstone, who, like a true D.I.Y. queen, started experimenting in her garage during the 60’s to create the perfect concoction that would allow for quick drying, easy finishing and flawless composition. Mod Podge, whose name is derived from “modern decoupage”, was the resulting mixture, and its original recipe remains unchanged.

sweet ride: jan wetstone’s mod podge’d 60’s VW beetle!

Our favorite here at Workshop is the usual matte finish, but there are other amazing varieties like glitter and glossy types. And really, when can you get enough of either of those?
We have also heard rumors that there is an existing “vintage” finish that makes everything look old-timey and awesome, but after some research we’ve discovered that it may just be a myth. If you have any info on if this exists or not, we’d love to know!

It is recommended that you either use a foam hand brush or a paintbrush to apply. Personally, I feel paintbrushes are the best as far as control and layering is concerned, but foam hand brushes work well on giant projects. Just be sure to wash your tools when finished in hot water so you can use them again!
If there are bubbles on the surface of your application, you’ve probably used to much. A little bit of this stuff does a long way, so don’t over-do it!
When applying to furniture, glass or any other non-paper surface, sanding before always helps. Though it may seem bothersome and not required, it will help the surface absorb the Mod Podge better.

rad phone book pen organizer.

Vintage Decoupaged Dress Form

Decoupaged Eggs

Phone Book Pen Organizer

Roundup of How-To’s With Mod Podge via Apartment Therapy

MOD PODGE Official Plaid Website

History of Mod Podge

Guide To Mod Podge via Scribd

Have any cool examples of great MOD PODGE projects that you’ve put together at home? If you’d like your tutorial or project featured on the Workshop blog, <a href=””>please email us!</a> We’d love to feature you!

Lets get our hands dirty,

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