Workshop Field Trip!!!


How many local DIY peeps does it take to rock the wheels off the school bus?
Well, 50, to be exact, and that’s exactly the number of DIY’ers that we’re inviting to the first annual Workshop Field Trip!! Permission slip? Naaah. Overnight suitcase? Nope. Ambition to make out in the back. YUP! Only other things you’ll need for this outing are the clothes on your hide, the desire to mix creativity with booze, and a shiny, can-do attitude!

Did someone say pre-game? The fun begins at Workshop where we’ll be getting our Field Trip pre-game on with everybody’s favorite: Free Beer, compliments of good ol’ uncle PBR. We’ll show you how to master a button machine to make name tag buttons and other assorted flair. Then, we’ll show you how to screen your own custom public beverage carrying device. (it’s a brown bag…don’t act like you don’t know.) Once you’ve taken everything you need from the Workshop arsenal, its time to head ’em up, and move ’em out!

Where are you taking me? You might as well be Patty Hearst bound in duct tape and tossed in the trunk, cuz we’re keeping the destinations totally a surprise! Think dive bar. Three to be exact. Think ultra fun with negative pretension. Think hip-shakin’ rock’n’roll blastin’ from the moment you step on that bus. That’s all you need to know!

Creativity and booze? Huh? Uh, yeah… Its Workshop. Have we met? Each stop on the Workshop Field Trip includes a DIY craft project or challenge that will keep those synapses firing despite your best efforts to drown them in IPA. We don’t wanna give TOO much away about the crafts, but you will definitely walk away from Workshop Field Trip with something to remember it by…even if you don’t remember it.

And…. we’ve got our favorite party boys, SAN FRANPSYCHO, who will be following in their very own short bus that doubles as a screenprinting party on wheels. Throw in a few giveaways, a few more free PBR’s, and ass-kickin’, name-takin’ Field Trip headmaster Kelly Malone, and you’ve got one ridiculous(-ly fun) night out on the town!!

All tickets and donations go to support Workshop in its continuing endeavor to bring you low cost, unique DIY classes and help get it a few steps closer to becoming an actual non-profit.

Workshop Field Trip: $42

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