the koozie tour 2010.

those of you that have taken classes know how we feel about koozies. if you have a naked beer, we get all in a tizzy and come a running with one for you. we also make them in quite a few of your classes. koozies are more than just a silly little sweater or holder for your beer. here they are handmade- whether screened, sewn or knitted. they are like a little garment you made for your beer. instead of screening a tee shirt, you made one for your beer.

i was inspired by DK, the other half of workshop, who has a koozie in his pocket at all times. like his battle armour. only different. really different. so we started making these in sewing classes soon after i realized it would be our little homage to DK and what he brings to this fun place. what we discovered is it actually was the most fun sewing project we had in any classes and people were giving them as gifts all holiday long. i see our koozies out at bars now and tear up a little. if you don’t have one, come by and we’ll make you one. flannel, denim, screened, sewn whatever. we can’t go on knowing your beer will be envious of our beers.

this holiday, my bff’s, justin & heather, took on a little road trip to my home, philly. we took our koozies on the road to philly, brooklyn and a few places inbetween along our chinatown bus ride. peep our koozies in action.

YOU can learn how to make koozies in sewing 101, rock and roll sewing for dudes, sewing 102, all screening classes, at most of our parties & events and during studio time.

ps. we’re serious. come in, bring some old jeans, a flannel or an ugly vintage sweater and i’ll make you one. (and yes, i had to sneak my mom’s bengal cats in there. too damn cute)


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