Defining DIY.

The do-it-yourself movement has been something that has long been intriguing to me. Back in the day when making my own layouts for zines, I realized that something I was doing was an oxymoronic "original" idea. Though I wasn’t the first, I knew no one could make a zine quite like I did. Yet there were hundreds, if not thousands, more out there, each one interesting and unique.
To define DIY is to put it in a cage, which I don’t think is a smart idea. It is a movement of makers inspired by the thrill of not only pursuing knowledge, but putting it into action. It is a class of people defined by not only what they have made, but what they continue to pursue. It is a continuation of rejecting the norm and creating a truly individualized lifestyle.
Whether its putting out your own record on an independent label or making alterations to your high school prom dress, DIY is all about taking matters into your own hands. By rejecting commercialism, DIY not only creates a cost-effect approach but also allows for the creation of truly unique items that are a direct result of a maker’s hands. By getting off the computer and turning off the TV, DIY forces us to come back to basics by letting us do the work.
As a girl with two right hands and two left feet, the DIY generation that has been inspired by both Martha Stewart and Bikini Kill is one that I’ve longed to be a part of. I hope that through this blog and my endeavors at Workshop that I will not only be able to bring you great things to read, but also build a few things in the process.
Welcome to the woodwork. Lets make something.

– Monica.

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