Frequently Asked Questions (or, lots of reasons why you should send email to Workshop!)

If we didn’t cover your question below, then feel free to ask us directly at

Do I have to sign up for a class or can I just show up?

In order to take a class at Workshop, you will need to reserve a spot in advance. You can reserve a spot by paying for the class online or dropping by Workshop and paying for the class in person at least a day beforehand.

Can I cancel my spot and get a refund for a class?

Workshop offers a 48-hour cancellation policy and will refund 100% of your class fee. You must cancel your spot at least 48 hours prior to class time. In case of a later cancellation, we will attempt to get your spot filled and refund your money. To cancel a class, simply email us at and let us know which class you need to cancel. This also is our policy for rebooks, we cannot offer another class or reschedule without 48 hour notice. However you can feel free to gift your class to a friend or email us just in case we have someone on the waitlist and can fill your spot (we can rebook you in that case).


We are in the middle of the city, though residential, so parking can be tough. Make sure if you do drive, you give yourself ample time for parking. There is a paid lot at the Lucky Grocery located at Fluton & Masonic about 4 blocks away. Additionally Divisadero (2 blocks away) is a busy street with some parking lots and garages.

What happens if I’m late for class?

Usually our teachers allow a 5-10 minute grace period to allow for parking, slow public transportation, runaway cats, etc. However, if you’re significantly late (20+ minutes), we cannot guarantee you will be allowed into the class. Unfortunately, it slows down the entire class to catch someone up to speed and is unfair to all of the students who made it on time. If you are denied attendance to class due to tardiness, we cannot guarantee a refund or reschedule.

How do I use a gift certificate to pay for a class?

If you want to use a gift certificate to pay for a class, then simply drop us an email at and let us know:

1) The class you want, including the date and time

2) If you Gift Certificate is in the form of a PDF or in the form of a Paypal online gift certificate (no PDF)

If you have a PDF gift certificate, then simply send us a copy along with your class request, and we will get you signed up. If you have a Paypal online gift certificate, then we will send you a Paypal money request for the balance of the class fee. Use the Paypal Gift Certificate to complete this money request. Upon completion, we will hold the spots for you!

How do I purchase a Workshop Gift Certificate?

Click here for all the info on getting Gift Certificates from Workshop!

Is there an age limit for students at Workshop?

In general, Workshop is geared towards offering classes for adults. While we may, from time to time, offer kids’ classes, the bulk of our class offerings are geared towards adults aged 21 and over.

Can I bring my child to a class that I have signed up for?

Please do not bring your children to class with you. In addition to Workshop gearing classes towards adults, there are also class size constraints that may be exceeded if extra students are allowed into the class. Since we are an adult facility and a bit rock & roll we often have things that could be inappropriate for kids.

How do I teach a class at Workshop?

We’re always looking for talented teachers who can share their expertise and teach fun, informative classes. If you have an idea for a

class, email us at with your idea and your contact information. Feel free to send along images, websites, and any applicable teaching experience.

Do you offer classes again and when do you list them?

Most classes are regular classes that occur monthly or every few weeks. Sewing 101, terrariums, pickling, screen printing and a few others are offered numerous times a month. We do sell out fast, so if you see a class sign up! Most classes come back with a few one time class exceptions. We post new classes all the time, so be sure to check under the classes tab often. Most classes are posted a month ahead of time, with classes that happen less frequently posted 2-3 months in advance at times.

Who made all the rad art in there?

Our beer fridge is by local artist, Ferris Plock and our large mermaid painting as well as several smaller pieces were made by Ferris’s partner in crime and wife, Kelly Tunstall. Both are old neighbors to us and very talented people. Much of our graphic design for our shirts (cool van logo, criss crossed arms tattoo logo) were made by amazing designer, Jayde Cardinelli- Fish. The rest of the oddities, art & our big light bulb chandelier were made by boss lady, Kelly Malone. Shirts, merch and art will be available soon at and online at

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Succulent & Moss Glass Jar Terrariums $48
Monday, February 8th, 7:00PM-9:00PM

Print Making 101: Block Printing $56
Monday, February 8th, 7:00PM-10:00PM

Sewing 101: Machine Basics $49
Tuesday, February 9th, 7:00PM-10:00PM

Wood Thumb Woodworking: Live Edge Wood Slab Cutting Board- SOMA LOCATION $68
Tuesday, February 9th, 7:00PM-9:30PM

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