Beginner’s Leatherwork: Handcrafted Leather Beer Koozies $30

Never again mistakenly drink someone else’s beer! In this workshop you will learn the basic techniques and tools of leatherwork and make your own beer koozie. Class will focus on cutting and preparing the leather, using alphabet and design stamps, dying/ coloring techniques, and lacing. Koozies fit a standard 12oz can, not intended for bottles.

Supplies needed: none, but students are encouraged to wear clothes they can get grungy since we’ll be working with dyes.

Teacher Bio: Living in the Bay Area, Jennifer has dabbled in many creative adventures including (but not limited to) starting a clothing line, making custom bridal fascinators, and making costumes and shimmying on stage as part of the burlesque duo The Scenic Sisters. She gave it all up when she found leatherwork, and for the past several years she has been honing her skills dying, carving and stitching leather. As the owner of Tilt Adornments, she has been selling her handcrafted leather accessories online, in stores, and at local street fairs.
Thursday, April 10th, -
  June  2019 
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