Soapmaking 101 $48

In this class, you will learn everything you will need to know to make soap from scratch and safely. Awesome for gifts, to replace the terrible wolf bite old spice soap that’s been in your shower for 3 years, to supply your urban farmstead, or just to stay clean during the next collapse of civilization. We will cover safely handling lye, getting the right blend of oils for the right type of lather, mysterious soap jargon such as when to add scents and other goodies, and when to sit back and have a beer. You will make and walk out with a resource and how to, 2-3 full bars of soaps made in class. Woo-hoo! Now, lets get dirty.

Teacher bio: Errol Davis is a founding member of Metaphor Organic, a Bay Area soap company that has been featured by Daily Candy and others. When not bicycle-delivering soap to choice local gift shops, Errol is probably writing, foraging wild herbs, or hauling sacks of compost around his girlfriend’s awe-inspiring Oakland garden.
Wednesday, April 9th, -
  September  2019 
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