Come See Workshop at the Alite Party THIS FRIDAY!

Ever so rarely does a company come along that really blows us away with their design, business aesthetic and overall mantra towards life. ALITE is that company for us. Based in SF, ALITE makes urban camping products that are fun, versatile and extremely well made. We’re excited to announce that we are hosting their launch party this Friday at their design studio in Portrero Hill. There will be free alcohol, lots of music from our favorite DJ’s, an urban forest, a doggie lounge [feel free to bring along your pups!], a station for screenprinting [bring your shirts for a free screen!] and a sex charades competition featuring Broke Ass Stuart as one of our guest judges. It starts early, so this should be the first stop on your Friday night circuit. Did we mention ALITE products will also be 25% off? A golden opportunity for stocking up on all that summer camping gear, no?


Friday, March 19th, 6PM-11PM

2505 Mariposa Street at Hampshire Street

Bring your sassy self and your blank tees for us to screen.

See you there!


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In the craft world, there is a glue that is known to have magical powers of epic proportions. It holds almost anything together, adheres any paper or photo to any surface and manages to do it flawlessly. This fabulous fix-all is otherwise known as Mod Podge.

Jan Wetstone, inventor of Mod Podge, was frustrated with the lack of efficiency that came with decoupaging. Originally, decoupage involved lots of planning, coats of varnish and sanding in between each coat in order to make sure that another coat could be placed on top. Though decoupage was popular in the 50’s and 60’s, the cumbersome process made it difficult to really have fun with the project. Enter Whetstone, who, like a true D.I.Y. queen, started experimenting in her garage during the 60’s to create the perfect concoction that would allow for quick drying, easy finishing and flawless composition. Mod Podge, whose name is derived from “modern decoupage”, was the resulting mixture, and its original recipe remains unchanged.

sweet ride: jan wetstone’s mod podge’d 60’s VW beetle!

Our favorite here at Workshop is the usual matte finish, but there are other amazing varieties like glitter and glossy types. And really, when can you get enough of either of those?
We have also heard rumors that there is an existing “vintage” finish that makes everything look old-timey and awesome, but after some research we’ve discovered that it may just be a myth. If you have any info on if this exists or not, we’d love to know!

It is recommended that you either use a foam hand brush or a paintbrush to apply. Personally, I feel paintbrushes are the best as far as control and layering is concerned, but foam hand brushes work well on giant projects. Just be sure to wash your tools when finished in hot water so you can use them again!
If there are bubbles on the surface of your application, you’ve probably used to much. A little bit of this stuff does a long way, so don’t over-do it!
When applying to furniture, glass or any other non-paper surface, sanding before always helps. Though it may seem bothersome and not required, it will help the surface absorb the Mod Podge better.

rad phone book pen organizer.

Vintage Decoupaged Dress Form

Decoupaged Eggs

Phone Book Pen Organizer

Roundup of How-To’s With Mod Podge via Apartment Therapy

MOD PODGE Official Plaid Website

History of Mod Podge

Guide To Mod Podge via Scribd

Have any cool examples of great MOD PODGE projects that you’ve put together at home? If you’d like your tutorial or project featured on the Workshop blog, <a href=””>please email us!</a> We’d love to feature you!

Lets get our hands dirty,

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Class of The Week: Sewing 101

Sewing machines are monsters. There are bobbins, needles, threads, buttons, knobs and holes everywhere. You probably got it as a hand-me-down from Grandma or a friend, are without an instruction manual and have no idea where to get started. Are we right?

With a little help from Kelly, Sewing 101 can dust off  your old machine and bring it back to life!

We take you step by step all the way through the processes of the sewing machine in an easy-to-understand dialogue without weighing you down with useless terms and jargon. The goal is for all of our students to walk out confident in being able to thread and fix their machines if something goes wrong in the stitching process.

After a brief lecture and run-through of how to sew basic stitches, Kelly shows you how to do two great projects: our trademark beer koozie and a stuffed sock monster! You leave with the patterns in tow so you can either work on your projects at home or have classes of your own with friends!

The beer koozie is super easy and fun — you can use a variety of fabrics and stitches to create your own, one of a kind can hugger. The best part about these is that they take no time at all and are a great project to do for parties.

The sock monster is one of our favorites at Workshop — you’ll find them crawling all over our space and library. One of our students made the most adorable sock monster from a red tube sock. We were totally in love!

Sign up for Sewing 101 and come make the dust disappear off your sewing machine!
— Monica

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Workshop Field Trip!!!

How many local DIY peeps does it take to rock the wheels off the school bus?
Well, 50, to be exact, and that’s exactly the number of DIY’ers that we’re inviting to the first annual Workshop Field Trip!! Permission slip? Naaah. Overnight suitcase? Nope. Ambition to make out in the back. YUP! Only other things you’ll need for this outing are the clothes on your hide, the desire to mix creativity with booze, and a shiny, can-do attitude!

Did someone say pre-game? The fun begins at Workshop where we’ll be getting our Field Trip pre-game on with everybody’s favorite: Free Beer, compliments of good ol’ uncle PBR. We’ll show you how to master a button machine to make name tag buttons and other assorted flair. Then, we’ll show you how to screen your own custom public beverage carrying device. (it’s a brown bag…don’t act like you don’t know.) Once you’ve taken everything you need from the Workshop arsenal, its time to head ’em up, and move ’em out!

Where are you taking me? You might as well be Patty Hearst bound in duct tape and tossed in the trunk, cuz we’re keeping the destinations totally a surprise! Think dive bar. Three to be exact. Think ultra fun with negative pretension. Think hip-shakin’ rock’n’roll blastin’ from the moment you step on that bus. That’s all you need to know!

Creativity and booze? Huh? Uh, yeah… Its Workshop. Have we met? Each stop on the Workshop Field Trip includes a DIY craft project or challenge that will keep those synapses firing despite your best efforts to drown them in IPA. We don’t wanna give TOO much away about the crafts, but you will definitely walk away from Workshop Field Trip with something to remember it by…even if you don’t remember it.

And…. we’ve got our favorite party boys, SAN FRANPSYCHO, who will be following in their very own short bus that doubles as a screenprinting party on wheels. Throw in a few giveaways, a few more free PBR’s, and ass-kickin’, name-takin’ Field Trip headmaster Kelly Malone, and you’ve got one ridiculous(-ly fun) night out on the town!!

All tickets and donations go to support Workshop in its continuing endeavor to bring you low cost, unique DIY classes and help get it a few steps closer to becoming an actual non-profit.

Workshop Field Trip: $42

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Class Standouts: DIY Valentine’s For Your Boo

Valentine’s Day is evil. It’s an excuse to slap a cheap heart on anything from nylon underwear to a box of chocolates, and to overcharge you for it. We constantly feel pressure to show our beau’s just exactly how much they mean to us by buying overpriced gifts and sweets.

At Workshop, we choose to get our hands dirty to show our love for our S.O.’s. These lovely ladies came in last Sunday and left with some great gifts for their special someone. The t-shirt looks like a little love factory and the fantastic koozies are going to be a hit with his pals for sure.

We hope all of you have a wonderful holiday! If you’re taken, stay in and cook a romantic dinner and avoid the ridiculous crowds outside. Home cooked meals are always a winner!

If you’re single, go and play feisty with pillow fighters in Justin Herman Plaza during the annual Pillow Fight. Who knows — you may end up being wounded in battle by cupid’s arrow. ;]

xoxo — Monica

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The Bold Italic: A Screen Printing Party

You’ve seen the crazy class schedules that included Heavy Metal Aerobics, Pimp My IKEA, and Rock’n’Roll Sewing for Dudes. You’ve contemplated attending Screenprinting for Newbies, but you can’t quite pull yourself away from Keeping up with the Kardashians for long enough to take the class? (I mean…it is showing on Sundays AND Mondays now…) Well, how about if we throw a little booze, a killer DJ, and screen printing demos into the mix? Come on out to Workshop and The Bold Italic’s screen printing party where Workshop owner Kelly Malone and friends will help you try your hand at one of Workshop’s most popular crafts. We’ve got the beer koozies covered, but bring your own t-shirt, totes or vintage items and we’ll give you a quick demo and help you print them on the spot. The Accidental Tourist (Mag 7) will be spinning records and Nooworks, the t-shirt wonderland next door, will be there offering a 25% discount on everything in their store next door.

So now, you have no excuse.

Your $20 ticket covers all-you-can-drink beer, nibbles, screen printing, giveaways and maybe even a little dancing.

Wednesday, February 24th – 7pm

This event is 21+.

Refunds will only be granted up to 48 hours in advance of the event.


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Read All About It: Workshop Is Featured in The Bold Italic!

As a working journalist, it’s hard to come by publications who are truly doing something unique. I love The Bold Italic and its writers — they provide really well written anecdotes and interesting story ideas that always pull you in. When they asked to feature us, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. You can check us out on their website, and peep some of their other articles — they’re fantastic! Support local writers!

The Bold Italic Visits Workshop


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Projects We Love: Ruffle Necklace

Time: Three hours
Our more supplied makers can sink their teeth into this lovely project easily with fantastic results! Creature Comforts shows us a ruffle necklace that has all of us doubled over in oohs and ahhs. Search around your neighborhood craft and greeting card stores for the perfect ribbon or fabric and go crazy with the pins and accessories. Go for a great band pin on a plain background to show your appreciation or go super girly with a flowery print and an animal pin.

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Class Of The Week: Screenprinting For Newbies

Time: 3 hours

Cost: $38

Spots: 9

Instructor: Nicole

Why: Because paying for bad ass stationary, t-shirts and posters is overrated.

Screen printing seems intimidating. What kind of equipment is involved? Is it messy? Does it smell? Are the inks harmful? We know, we know — you’re overwhelmed. But its actually much easier than it looks!

This past Saturday, a group of ambitious students were transformed from novices to sassy printers in just a matter of three hours by Nicole, our resident screen printing teacher. Nicole, who has been practicing her craft since the age of 14, opened up about her home screen printing experiences and offered great advice regarding printing at home and at workshop. after a lesson in basics, how to burn screens properly and a printing demonstration, everyone got their hands dirty!

We use water soluble inks that are both less toxic and environmentally friendly since we love nature and all her lovely subjects.

Students were able to screen stationary, t-shirts, patches, beer coozies and posters over the two hour open screen period.

I had fun with this ridiculously awesome logo that I’ve been obsessed with over the last few months. I’m thinking of screening it onto an old t-shirt and sewing it into the back of my favorite blazer.

Click here to sign up for the next session on Saturday, February 6th. If you’re interested in using our equipment, check out Late Night Screening on Friday, February 5th.


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the koozie tour 2010.

those of you that have taken classes know how we feel about koozies. if you have a naked beer, we get all in a tizzy and come a running with one for you. we also make them in quite a few of your classes. koozies are more than just a silly little sweater or holder for your beer. here they are handmade- whether screened, sewn or knitted. they are like a little garment you made for your beer. instead of screening a tee shirt, you made one for your beer.

i was inspired by DK, the other half of workshop, who has a koozie in his pocket at all times. like his battle armour. only different. really different. so we started making these in sewing classes soon after i realized it would be our little homage to DK and what he brings to this fun place. what we discovered is it actually was the most fun sewing project we had in any classes and people were giving them as gifts all holiday long. i see our koozies out at bars now and tear up a little. if you don’t have one, come by and we’ll make you one. flannel, denim, screened, sewn whatever. we can’t go on knowing your beer will be envious of our beers.

this holiday, my bff’s, justin & heather, took on a little road trip to my home, philly. we took our koozies on the road to philly, brooklyn and a few places inbetween along our chinatown bus ride. peep our koozies in action.

YOU can learn how to make koozies in sewing 101, rock and roll sewing for dudes, sewing 102, all screening classes, at most of our parties & events and during studio time.

ps. we’re serious. come in, bring some old jeans, a flannel or an ugly vintage sweater and i’ll make you one. (and yes, i had to sneak my mom’s bengal cats in there. too damn cute)


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