Tutorial We <3: Easy Filament Lights

For some reason, Design Sponge has been on a roll lately! We love their tutorial on filament lights — many people love this effect but are often intimidated, thinking it takes crazy electrician skills and a massive amount of work to put up. But honestly? It’s amazingly simple and in one weekend, you could have this great modern look in your place for cheap. The pictures are extremely helpful, and they even make it so you can fit any bulbs you like. Finally give the christmas lights a rest and light up your space! [via Design Sponge]

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Tutorial We <3: D.I.Y. Chevron Rug

Chevron patterns are all the rage this summer, both on the runways and in home decor. It is the perfect pattern to transition into summer — the dual color zig zags will make any room in your house pop without making it look like an 80’s party decided to throw up next to your furniture. Luckily, Suzannah over at Adventures in Dressmaking has us covered with her tutorial on how to make her fabulous painted chevron rug that is literally pennies compared to buying one at West Elm. Roll up your sleeves and make your hardwood floors interesting again! [via Design Sponge]


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Etsy Birthday Craft Party Extravaganza at Workshop this Friday, 5:30-7:30pm.

Celebrate’s crafty birthday at the Craft Party Extravaganza!

Hi crafty San Francisco peeps! This Friday we’re giving you reason to cut out of the office early. Say whatever you need to….dentist appointment, your Aunt popped a flat on her Little Rascal Scooter, your cat coughed up a hairball in that resembles Justin Bieber, New Kids on the Block is back in town for a one afternoon only performance at the Stonestown Mall Olive Garden. Bring your crafty supplies on over to Workshop at Baker and McAllister, 5:30-7:30, for a Friday Crafty Hour. We will have music, crafty kits for everyone, giveaways and oh yeah…beer! Thanks to K’poene at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art…Thanks K’poene!

So far Etsy is bringing by: embroidery and plushie supplies, hat-making wonders, beading stuff, paper, scissors, glue and more. Come hang out, make something fun, meet some crafty peeps and get your happy hour on!

Friday, June 18, 2010
5:30 pm-7:30 pm

1798 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA
$5- cover for beer & a crafty kit!

Can’t wait to see you all there!

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design inspiration for the new space.

oooh. we are so excited. and the design stiffie i have is crazy. our space next door is a creative one. its small and it needs to be a diy store in the day. and office. and a classroom by night. try doing all that with about 20×28 feet. oh we will. after several trips to my favorite salvage wonderland, urban ore. a brief trip to ikea and home depot. digging out my power tools and chop saw….we begin.

here is a little teaser for some inspiration that im working with for this space. i cant wait to unveil it.

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d.i.y. essentials: chalkboard paint

Here at Workshop, we love ideas. Sometimes, they’re genius and other times, they’re not so genius. The beauty of chalk and a chalkboard allows your writings, drawings, musings, inspirations and quick jots to either disappear quickly or remain forever. Here is some history on chalkboards, and most importantly, chalk board paint.

cover an old globe and make it your new notepad.

cover an old globe and make it your new notepad.

Chalkboards in their earliest form were invented around 1825, though some speculate that some form of the device existed even as early as 1815. Originally, they were made with sheets of stone in black or gray, but in more modern times have been made with plastic and porcelain, the latter being the most luxurious and durable. Chalk, also known as calcium sulfate, is what you use to write on these surfaces.

The way in which they’re made is by taking the material, and layering a couple coats of chalkboard paint over it to give it that black, or sometimes green, coloring. What they don’t tell you is that you can cover just about any wood or hard surface with chalkboard paint!

cover a square on storage jars for a fun label!

cover a square on storage jars for a fun label!

Always use a foam paint roller, preferably one that is denoted as a “very smooth finish”. This helps layer the paint and primer properly to ensure an even coating for your chalkboard!

When you’re painting your item, commit to having it as a chalkboard forever. Once you paint the item, its very hard to reclaim and almost never turns out well!

If you decide to go with the spray can variety, make sure to put at least three coats on. Since the paint is thin, you want to make sure that it’s even and well applied. 

take some stencils and create a scenic landscape thats easy to illustrate on!

take some stencils and create a scenic landscape that's easy to illustrate on!

How To Make Custom Colored Chalkboard Paint from Martha Stewart

Inspiration Post #1 at Pearl Street Interiors

Inspiration Post #2 at iDIY

Epic and amazing $35.00 graphic wall at Apartment Therapy

Painted Picnic Basket Top at The Blessed Nest

cover your fridge for the ultimate grocery list surface!

cover your fridge for the ultimate grocery list surface!

Chalkboard History

Chalkboard Paint Tips and Tricks

Have any cool examples of awesome things you’ve done with Chalkboard Paint? If you’d like your tutorial or project featured on the Workshop blog, please email me at We’d love to feature you!

Lets get our hands dirty,

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Chain Gang: Broke Ass Stuart’s D.I.Y. Column

We don’t know about you, but there is something enormously creepy about baby doll heads. As a girl, I was plagued with these things. My mom insisted that I liked all of the porcelain dolls she gave me, that I was thankful for the one I received every year at Christmas, and thank fucking Christ I don’t live at home anymore, cause I would probably still be getting one. I’m pretty sure I smashed them all in in my college dorm room when she surprised me with them in a box in front of my new dorm mates. Did I mention the first year of college was hard?

Broke Ass Stuart has a great new D.I.Y. columnist, and though she’s just getting started, her post about spraypainted baby doll head paper weights is one part interesting, one part creepy, one part genius and all parts insane. Maybe I can finally dig all of those dolls out of my closet and do what I should of did a long time ago — paint em black!

You can read about her creations every week in the DIY section over at Broke Ass Stuart’s Goddamned Website.


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Thanks for Making Indie Mart A Huge Success

We want to thank you from the bottom of our Heavy Metal hearts — thank you all so much for coming out and supporting Workshop at the Indie Mart. Though it was great to see a lot of you at Maker Faire, there is nothing quite like a great response in our own hometown. Thank you to our staff, our volunteers who worked their keister’s off in the new summer sun and all of you that came out and had a blast. We hope you enjoyed the demos, and we are planning something even bigger and better for the July Indie Mart — more terrariums, more great demos, new projects and definitely more Heavy Metal Aerobics. I only have one more thing to say — can you dig it?!


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Rad Shit: WWII Propaganda Posters

They couldn’t have said it better. The iconic WWII propaganda posters are redesigned for our internet-eqipped society. By Brian Moore. Buy Here.

Rad Shit is exactly what it sounds like — rad shit. We’ll post inspirational tidbits, great designers and funny stuff that’s getting us through the day at Workshop. Have a suggestion? Email Monica at


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Hiring Summer 2010 interns!

The Indie Mart & Workshop are looking for a few good interns for Summer!  As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work for two fun, progressive, completely independent businesses, and get hands-on work experience  while we jedi train you on one of the fields below. Applications are being accepted now through May 12thnd and positions will start at the end of May, just in time for new summer classes at Workshop & our Summer Indie Marts!  Indie Marts begin on June 6th and run through November. Here’s what we’re on the hunt for:

Event, PR,  Promotions & Marketing: Learn how to plan events, assist in all event prep & set up, help send press releases, seek out new partnerships & media contacts, flier & promote through online and in person. Manage facebook, twitter & social media communications.

Music: Help us scout out bands & DJ’s, write for the blog & zine, manage bands & DJ’s for events. Be involved in our Workshop secret shows where rad local bands do small, invite only shows. Help create fun ideas & giveaways that involve music. You must be active in the SF music scene- basically be out seeing shows, meeting bands and networking.

Design/Sewing: We need creative folks. Work studio time hours at Workshop (commission based), assist us in design & execution of our retail products, for the Indie Mart and Workshop.  We will help you execute your own line, work with you on getting it out there, and even give you a chance to sell your wares. Scout for ideas, search for rad, local designers & stores to get involved in the Indie Mart.

Graphic Design & Art: Help us create one of a kind, concert style posters, fliers, promo materials and designs for screenprinting. Organize contests for graphics & artwork. We are starting monthly posters that will be limited release, hand printed and sold at the Indie Mart, at our retail space at Workshop and also online. Be involved in our new artist series, helping us scout out new artists to set up at Indie Mart and do art shows at Workshop. Get your name out there, earn valuable experience for your resume and help us build art more into our operation.

Printmaking Intern: do you geek out on printmaking? Work studio time hours at Workshop (commission based), have opportunities to print any custom orders that we receive (paid), work with us on new ideas & help execute our poster series. You really need to loooove printing. You can also use our facilities & equipment in exchange.

All interns are expected to:

·      Be fun, outgoing, embrace what we’re about and help us get the word out

·      Be independent & able to get it done, mostly working from home

·      Have a little bit of badass in you. Or a lot.

·      Love what you do & what we’re about

·      Attend occasional staff meetings (2-3 times a month)

·      Like the movie Roadhouse (these are college kids…this might be over their head…)

·      Commit to 8-12 hours a week

·      Work the majority of large events

·      Possess the ability to carry a beer koozie with you at all times

·      Work one day a month at Workshop helping out with Admin responsibilities & the “boring” tasks

·      Flier and distribute posters for events

Internships are unpaid, but offer:

·      Being apart of 2 progressive and rapidly growing, fun businesses

·      Opportunities to get involved and not become our lackeys (you’ll never have to pick up dry cleaning, we swear!)

·      Bone up on sewing, screenprinting & DIY, make cool stuff all the time!

·      Did we mention that we have fun, like… a lot.

·      Valuable experience

·      Meeting contacts in your field

·      Help with your own line, business, etc

·      Additional paid hours offered for events, rental, parties, projects & gigs

·      A sweet set of beer koozies with you name on it. For real.

·      1 free classes a month

·      Beers on the boss if you’re over 21

·      Free meals a few times a month

To apply, please send over an application via email to Thanks so much!

Application: To apply, shoot us your resume or a summary of your experience, areas of interest, a one paragraph bio about yourself. Please specify if you’re interested in positions for the Indie Mart, Workshop or both. whoot whoot!


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Rad Shit: How To Make Your Own Brick Oven For Pizza

How many times have you made pizza at home and have been disappointed because the crust and the toppings don’t have that wonderful crunch? Too many. I know from personal experience. Boing Boing looks to banish sub-par homemade pizza forever with their easy tutorial on how to convert your stove into a brick oven. Now your hardest question remains: thin or regular crust?

Rad Shit is exactly what it sounds like — rad shit. We’ll post inspirational tidbits, great designers and funny stuff that’s getting us through the day at Workshop. Have a suggestion? Email Monica at


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