Class Standouts: DIY Valentine’s For Your Boo

Valentine’s Day is evil. It’s an excuse to slap a cheap heart on anything from nylon underwear to a box of chocolates, and to overcharge you for it. We constantly feel pressure to show our beau’s just exactly how much they mean to us by buying overpriced gifts and sweets.

At Workshop, we choose to get our hands dirty to show our love for our S.O.’s. These lovely ladies came in last Sunday and left with some great gifts for their special someone. The t-shirt looks like a little love factory and the fantastic koozies are going to be a hit with his pals for sure.

We hope all of you have a wonderful holiday! If you’re taken, stay in and cook a romantic dinner and avoid the ridiculous crowds outside. Home cooked meals are always a winner!

If you’re single, go and play feisty with pillow fighters in Justin Herman Plaza during the annual Pillow Fight. Who knows — you may end up being wounded in battle by cupid’s arrow. ;]

xoxo — Monica

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Read All About It: Workshop Is Featured in The Bold Italic!

As a working journalist, it’s hard to come by publications who are truly doing something unique. I love The Bold Italic and its writers — they provide really well written anecdotes and interesting story ideas that always pull you in. When they asked to feature us, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. You can check us out on their website, and peep some of their other articles — they’re fantastic! Support local writers!

The Bold Italic Visits Workshop


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Projects We Love: Ruffle Necklace

Time: Three hours
Our more supplied makers can sink their teeth into this lovely project easily with fantastic results! Creature Comforts shows us a ruffle necklace that has all of us doubled over in oohs and ahhs. Search around your neighborhood craft and greeting card stores for the perfect ribbon or fabric and go crazy with the pins and accessories. Go for a great band pin on a plain background to show your appreciation or go super girly with a flowery print and an animal pin.

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Class Of The Week: Screenprinting For Newbies

Time: 3 hours

Cost: $38

Spots: 9

Instructor: Nicole

Why: Because paying for bad ass stationary, t-shirts and posters is overrated.

Screen printing seems intimidating. What kind of equipment is involved? Is it messy? Does it smell? Are the inks harmful? We know, we know — you’re overwhelmed. But its actually much easier than it looks!

This past Saturday, a group of ambitious students were transformed from novices to sassy printers in just a matter of three hours by Nicole, our resident screen printing teacher. Nicole, who has been practicing her craft since the age of 14, opened up about her home screen printing experiences and offered great advice regarding printing at home and at workshop. after a lesson in basics, how to burn screens properly and a printing demonstration, everyone got their hands dirty!

We use water soluble inks that are both less toxic and environmentally friendly since we love nature and all her lovely subjects.

Students were able to screen stationary, t-shirts, patches, beer coozies and posters over the two hour open screen period.

I had fun with this ridiculously awesome logo that I’ve been obsessed with over the last few months. I’m thinking of screening it onto an old t-shirt and sewing it into the back of my favorite blazer.

Click here to sign up for the next session on Saturday, February 6th. If you’re interested in using our equipment, check out Late Night Screening on Friday, February 5th.


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Le Blog. Day One. Meet the staff.

Hey there people. Here we go day one of the Workshop Blog. Stay tuned for daily posts relating to all things DIY. Tutorials, project ideas, local diy’ers, places to shop & score DIY supplies, class coverage & behind the scenes, fashion, music, food, our favorite geeks making stuff for you and so much more. We’ll have more writers chiming in over the next few weeks. More content. Mo’ fun!

You’ll be hearing from me, Kelly. I own the joint and teach most of the classes. As well as our Blogger in Chief, Monica Miller.

Monica Miller was born and raised in San Diego, CA and moved to the Bay Area in 2005 to pursue a bachelors degree in journalism at San Francisco State University. She has been a reporter for such publications as the San Mateo County Times and the Oakland Tribune. For the past year, she has serves as an editor for Broke Ass Stuart’s Goddamned Website, a Best of The Bay Winning culture blog in San Francisco. After more than a year of being an editor at SF State’s Golden Gate [X]press, she now juggles the Workshop blog, finishing her degree and keeping her sanity.  Her interests include fashion, whiskey, vegetarianism, shoegaze, books, bows, beer, boys, bad ass t-shirts, boots and red nail polish. Although she remains at a loss for the craftiness her company keeps, she can write a mean lede and mix a great manhattan. She currently lives in the Richmond district of San Francisco.



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