VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Treasure Island Music Festival 2018


This weekend Treasure Island Music Festival is back in a new location at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland. Should be a fun one, and as usual, we are setting up our Camp DIY tent where we make things with festival peeps all day! We have some really fun activities planned, including a whole plant area with flower crowns, block printing plant graphics, and a shipping container filled with plants for a fun installation. We will also have a 30×30 tent with fun things like leatherworking, printmaking and our jacket & patch art show installation. We need some volunteers to help us make stuff! Here’s the deal: We get you a pass for the festival, and you help us out leading crafts and helping out for about 3-4 hours over the day. You can plan your shift time around the bands you want to see! It’s super fun, and we’ll give you some fun WorkshopSF goodies + tee shirt too. For lineup, click this TIMF schedule link here. (We’re pretty excited for Tame Impala ourselves!!)


On both Saturday and Sunday, we welcome volunteers for any open shifts from 10a-8pm with set up help being on the 10a-12pm end, and crafts after that. Be aware that festival doors open at 12pm. Once you check in with us at the WorkshopSF tent, our handy Camp Directors Luke & Hayley will get you signed up for your specific shifts on the island.


You can get there on your own (check festival site for transportation) or you can come over with us at 9:45am Saturday in U-hauls and shared Ubers on our dime.


Dress is fun, we give you a shirt if you’re down to dress like a Wet Hot American summer style camper, and we can toss you a shirt for sure. High socks, headbands, etc. all welcome, but make sure you are comfortable being active in anything you wear.


If you want to volunteer with friends, we encourage that. All volunteers must agree to help out for atleast 3-4 hours as part of the volunteer shift.


In order to request a volunteer spot, we will need your NAME, EMAIL, AND WHAT DAY(S) YOU CAN VOLUNTEER. Please send us an email to with “TIMF VOLUNTEER REQUEST” in the subject line so we can more easily get to your request!!

Thanks so much! We hope we get to hang with some of you!!

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One Day Holiday Gift Certificate Sale!

We wanted to offer up a rad little holiday dealio on gift certificates for our mailing list before you get inundated with black friday and terrible gift ideas…haha. So give the gift of DIY this season and for today only, you can get a super deal on gift certificates. Click below to purchase!

Early Holiday Dealio

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All Hail Arts & Crafts: We Just Turned 6! Special Class Pass!

We are pretty stoked to be turning 6! Wow! To celebrate our happy day and 6 years of still being here, we are launching our new easier to use website in about a week (thanks for dealing with the dinosaur site) and were planning a big party with Anchor Steam at the end of the month, more to come. Since we did have to increase our prices recently to cover our new website and since cost of doing business in SF since been on the ever continuing increase:( We are offering a deal for you guys to snag some good prices and one for a few major DIY fans out there who take just about every class we offer. Of course in true Workshop form we had to be a little corny and work in some heavy metal spirit.

 – 6 Pack Pass- Get 6 classes or spots in classes for $275- and a Workshop tee shirt or Drink Beer Make Stuff apron. (good for any classes under $66- or welcome to pay the difference for any classes above $66-) AND BONUS you get a free beer with every class on us! If you’re a player- well hey that’s 3 dates you can have at Workshop! Whoot whoot! Save up to $136- on classes or 35% off plus the freebies! 30 passes for sale, so when they’re gone- they’re gone. Pass expires Dec 30, 2016.

 – All Hail Crafts Pass- Get our super pass for $500- that gets you a get credit for 12 classes for you or friends to use and a Workshop tee shirt or Drink Beer Make Stuff apron. (good for any classes under $66- or welcome to pay the difference for any classes above $66-) AND BONUS you get a free beer with every class on us! Only 10 passes for sale, so get them quick. Ideal for the DIY nut or if you love to take friends to classes, if you stalk our instagram on the daily or spend your lunch reading every DIY listing on Design Sponge and Buzzfeed. Pass expires Dec 30, 2016

We don’t have any major rules. You can bring friends and use more than one spot per class, just be reasonable so we dont go broke. Class passes expire in a little over a year. They are not good for private events, classes only. Email to sign up. If a class is over $66- no big deal, you can pay the difference. We will let ya slide if its a buck or two, no sweat. Grab a tee shirt or apron on your first class. We keep a li’l log so we know what you have left for classes. Fun times, rock and roll and Happy Birthday Workshop!

6th Birthday Class Passes


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Workshop Studio Time Equipment Specs, Add-Ons, and Details

Rates for studio time:

Base space rental: $12 an hour (2 hour minimum) for using the space & equipment

Equipment Specifics:

*Building/ tools: We do not rent our power tools & saws but you can BYO tools. Just email before to ask for noise factor. You can use our hammers, drills (not the fastest) & jigsaws. (we will charge you for a blade for the jigsaw, so please email us before hand so we can have them on site & batteries charged)

*Sewing Equipment: We have Janome 2212 basic machines. We do not have Sergers or industrial machines. If you are sewing anything thicker than denim, please bring your own needles. If you have satin or something with a unique fabric, please check online about fabrics vs needles and be sure to pick up some. We carry basic needles and denim needles, threads and scissors. You’ll need to BYO fabrics and any specific thread colors if you want an exact match or are OCD about that.

*Screening Equipment: We have an exposure unit, inks, a tee shirt press and table stations where you can do one color printing (two color if you’re experienced in it). You can make your own band merch, print for your own tee shirt graphic, or just make cards. Whatever you like as long as its ok with our basic inks and a flash dryer. We do not use plastisol or a conveyor dryer, so you cant run a major tee shirt business out of studio time clearly but you can do lots of basic printing. We also have a few artists that can work with other artists on how to print for art shows and etc. Note: please bring your own poster paper, anything specific you want to print and any specific inks. We always have some blanks to print, fun papers and a variety of colors of inks but email us with questions and BYO ink & specific papers/blanks if you have something specific in mind.

*Ordering a New Custom Screen: for an additional $45, you can send in your own custom images to be burned onto a screen (whatever can fit onto two 8.5 X 11 sheets or one 11 X 14 sheet) AND take your screen to print at home or at a studio. All screens use brand new 110 – 230 mesh count silk screen fabric stretched over recycled frames. An email must be sent to that includes images and the date of your class. Images must be submitted 72 hours or more prior to the class. Please download this sheet for image instructions: (if link doesn’t work, please try copying and pasting it into your browser.)

*Screening blanks: We have a variety of blanks available at the shop. If you are planning on printing multiples or  want to be sure we’ll have your specific size and preferred colors, with notice we can order you blanks as well. Your order must be received one week (7 days) before your studio time or class and pre paid. We will send you a paypal direct link to pay once you’ve emailed us your order. Please view this sheet (zoom in for details) for a listing and email your order to and we’ll send you an invoice, process your order, and have it at your class/ studio time. A few Koozies, totes & aprons are always on hand – Order for quantities over 6 needed or specific colors.

*Rates and Instructions for Bringing Your Own Screen:

  • break down a previously burned workshop screen  – $5.00 (covers chemicals & assistance, you can reuse screens from prior session/classes if not too damaged)
  • recoat/ burn a screen of yours or blank screen you bring –  $10.00 each
  • transparencies: $1.00 for each 8.5×11 or  $2.00 for each 11×17, ideally you need two copies of each transparency for the best burned image
  • So if you drop off a coated screen from a prior class & want new images burned on it, it would cost you $17.00-20.00 on average (depending on transparencies needed OR $13.00-16.00 if you drop off a blank screen of your own. All screens must have your full name on them with painters tape or perm marker and dropped off by Tuesday mornings before your class or session & be sure to email us so we can let you know when staff is here or where to leave your screen if not staffed. Email us if after that since Tuesday is our screen prep day.
  • if you use a ton of ink, well ask you for a few extra bones to cover


If you have questions, please email us at or for silk screening.



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Staghorn Ferns: Sassy, sustainable and super awesome!

Matti getting estatic over epiphytes!

Are you terrarium crazy? Can’t stop thinking about succulents, jars, toppers and soils? Are they taking over your place just like they’re taking over Workshop? Don’t fear. We have something new from our expert plant professors, Megan and Matti, that will feed the craving of needing more greenery on your walls and in your life. Staghorn Ferns, simply, are mounted wall plants that grow without dirt and, over time, grow into the wood they are mounted in. These plants are both beautiful and interesting, and would make for a refreshing mounted wall piece in your home. On their blog, Far Out Flora, Megan and Matti give us a little introduction to these fascinating plants. Nestling a little plant time in your weekend never seemed so appropriate!

Check out their blog post here, and sign up for the the first session of their class here.


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Dudes! Classes are up and kicking!

Get your hands on some fresh new teachings over at the calendar! Get to it! Before everyone else does!

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Dudes! Classes are up and kicking!

Get your hands on some fresh new teachings over at the calendar! Get to it! Before everyone else does!

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Thank You For Voting Us Among The Best Of San Francisco!

EVERYONE! We were so stoked all day yesterday since we got our copies of SF Weekly’s Best of San Francisco 2010 list and found out we had made the cut! We were voted Best D.I.Y. Community Center, which made us really happy because we strive to make Workshop an accessible place for the public to make stuff and have fun. Thanks to everyone who voted for us, and to all of our lovely, dedicated students who rep us nonstop. WE LOVE YOU.

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Rad Shit: WWII Propaganda Posters

They couldn’t have said it better. The iconic WWII propaganda posters are redesigned for our internet-eqipped society. By Brian Moore. Buy Here.

Rad Shit is exactly what it sounds like — rad shit. We’ll post inspirational tidbits, great designers and funny stuff that’s getting us through the day at Workshop. Have a suggestion? Email Monica at


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